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Bold School is a transformational art school that helps artists to find their creative purpose, gather courage, and master their craft.

Artists of all ages from over 80 countries have joined Bold School because they want to learn from top instructors in a supportive online community.

Every day, artists come into Bold School uninspired or disillusioned, but within weeks are bringing their life's best work into the world.

As an artist, you've been created to create. You have a unique ability to reach people's minds and hearts, and a responsibility to give your gift to the world.

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BOLD SCHOOL was founded under a united vision of two families in 2020. Truly it’s inception began long ago with the ideas and lives of its 4 founders: Charla & Ryan, James & Shannon.

The vision of BOLD SCHOOL is to equip each creative soul with the tools, knowledge and power to bring their own unique message into the world. But not only to bring it into the world, to also give them a plan to make it known. 

BOLD SCHOOL's first course, Bold Color Bootcamp, quickly became an international hit with students in over 80 countries. 


The Bold School Team

Charla Maarschalk
Charla is a well-known Canadian artist famous for her large scale gestural portraits that explore the layers of human identity. She has a passion for teaching others and is the principal instructor at Bold School. Charla received her BFA at the University of Calgary.

James Dueck
James is a serial entrepreneur & software developer who has worked with technology startups in California and internationally for 25 years. He is also a successful composer, with his most famous work "Rainy Mood" being downloaded by over 100 million people.

Shannon Dueck
Shannon is a tech entrepreneur and operations maven with a unique gift for solving tricky problems. She has a special eye for talent and design, and has hired hundreds of creatives across North America. She graduated with honours from the University of Calgary.

Ryan Maarschalk
Ryan is an energetic CFO and Canadian business connector. He works as a partner to CEO's, helping with mergers, acquisitions, valuations, funding rounds, and exits. He graduated with honours from Western Michigan University and is an accomplished tennis player.

Corey Moortgat
community mentor
Corey is an acrylic artist from Jacksonville, Florida. She has worked as an art instructor, art therapist, custom framer, art store manager, paint & sip studio manager, and writer. She holds a BFA and a Master's degree in Art Therapy.

Company Information

Bold School Inc. is a private company based in the scenic Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

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