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A focused online community space where you are free to create, learn, and connect with artists like you. Ready?


Life is too short for distractions

Does trying to learn new skills overwhelm you?

Do you spend a lot of time alone in your studio?

Do you have questions that need answering?

You don't have to go it alone! It's time to take your work to the next level by learning in community. 


Grow in a focused space with features to suit your needs (and mood) every day of the week.  


Post your work in a class forum and get feedback and critique from trained coaches, who we call 'Mentors'. 


Continue learning right in our community space with challenges that build on your newfound skills. 


Lives, Meetups, and Paint Parties designed for fun and continued learning.

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Library of Classes

BoldMaster+ membership comes with a Library of 30+ classes - introductory to advanced - and includes guided help from mentors. 

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Bold School Art Community

Spark connections and soak up support with these features

→ Challenges

→ Mentorship

→ Meetups

→ Workshops



This is seriously the nicest and most supportive virtual community I have ever experienced.

- Marisa Canino

What does it mean to be part of an online community?  

BoldMaster+ is a single digital space for all resources and communication critical in finding your way to bold art mastery. It's a gathering place for artists to participate in meaningful discussions, get and give feedback, and further develop with challenges, workshops, and events. 

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Bold School Art Community

Meet Your Instructors

Challenge Showcase

Our Core Mentors lead a Monthly Challenge that builds on teachings from our library of Classes. 

The Chiaroscuro Challenge, created by Luzdy Rivera

Above is the example piece created by Luzdy Rivera who led the challenge.

Artists were challenged to paint with a very small range and specific value key. Here are just 3 featured pieces.  

Obliterate and Reiterate Challenge, created by Axel Martinez

Above is the example piece created by Axel Martinez who led the challenge. Artists were challenged to abstract this work by losing and finding edges. 

Artists join for the classes but stay for the community. 

Our community has become the cornerstone of Bold School. This space grows and evolves to meet the needs of the new and alumni artists. 


  • Display your art on your profile
  • Follow your fave bold artists and mentors 
  • Spaces for learning and spaces for just having fun
  • Private and Group Chats




How it works:


As a graduate of Bold Color MasterClass you receive the exclusive opportunity to access the Bold School Community space: BoldMaster+ 

Receive evaluation and mentorship from our instructors when you are ready for it. 

Each class has a 'Discussions' area underneath each lesson within the course modules. This is a great place to ask questions directly related to that lesson. 

Get access to exclusive Community spaces with feedback from Bold School Mentors as well as peer mentoring from bold artists within the classes. 


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*The Fine Print for Fine Artists: BoldMaster+ Membership Access is available to Bold Color Masterclass Graduates. If you have previously enrolled in Bold Color Bootcamp and/or the Masterclass, send a request to join via our Artist Support Team. 

There's Power in learning alongside artists like you.

Our family and friends love us but often don't understand the journey. 

Artists in the BoldMaster+ membership share the same values and goals. They can lift you up and give you strength just when you need it the most. Come join our Meet and Greet, check out our swag, and inspire us with your art. 

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There's Power in learning beside artists like you.

Our loved ones don't always understand the journey. 

BoldMaster+ Artists share the same values and goals. We lift each other up just when you need it the most. Come inspire us with your art. 

Surrounding yourself with the best artists unlocks the best in you! 

Create your profile in the new social media ... community awaits.  


The day I decided to step in your Bold School classes was a blessed day.

Everyday is something new to learn in this Community about art, and this make so real my dream to learn the skills how to paint professional. 

- Gabriela Leanca

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You are becoming a Bold Art Master!

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