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Stop thinking about it.
Start Painting.

Bold School Membership
Get control over your canvas with step-by-step classes, in real-time, from trained Bold Mentors.

Simply choose a membership, pick a class from our 30+ class collection, and get started!


Stop just thinking about it.
Start Painting.

Expressive Portraits

Get control over your canvas with step-by-step classes, in real-time, from trained Bold Mentors.

Simply choose a membership, pick a class from our 30+ class collection, and get started!

Bold School Membership

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4000+ Artists

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"These classes are all top notch. But they will only take me so far.

Mentorship is what really pushes through the resistance of 'good enough' and into real growth.
I could never say this enough: Mentorship and is PRICELESS.

- Elle McCarthy

Do you ever feel overwhelmed just by looking at your color palette?


If there’s anything I’ve learned after working with nearly 5000 artists in my art classes…

It’s that we all go through the same struggles when it comes to mastering the art of color and paint.

Color mixing results in mud. And the canvas always turns into a hot mess. 

And sadly, because it is a challenging skillset (when you don’t have the tools I’m about to show you), I see too many artists giving up because they think they “don't have the talent.”

But what you need to realize is...
Painting with Bold Abstract Color is
A Skillset That Anyone Can Learn!

Would you try an instrument and give up if it didn’t sound right on your first try?

Then why would it be any different when learning art?

And don’t tell me it’s because you can’t draw…

I’ll show you how drawing is a science, not an art, and anyone can draw a beautiful face! 

Just like any other skill, drawing, painting, and color can be mastered by ANYONE who wants to try.
Our Curated Membership teaches you those skills and demonstrates the techniques that will get you making bold expressive masterpieces. 

Library of Classes

Bold School Membership offers curated  Library of 30+ classes - introductory to advanced - with 7 unique instructors, variety of mediums and subject matter.

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Our community is designed as a supportive environment to not just meet artists like you but to learn from each other and receive valuable and constructive feedback from our trained coaches.

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This is seriously the nicest and most supportive virtual community I have ever experienced.

- Marisa Canino


Thank-you Charla for the encouraging and searching words about art and our relationship to it.

In my woodworking life I have tried to help people in making their lives better and brighter by building whatever they needed. In accomplishing this, I created in differing ways and enjoyed doing so. Now, painting.

- Ian Macdouall


Bold School Art Community
The truth is, you need to be in an artist community. 

Spark connections and soak up support with these features

→ Challenges

→ Mentorship

→ Meetups

→ Workshops

What does it mean to be part of an online community?  

Choose community as part of your membership plan and become a part of a hub for essential resources and communication crucial in navigating your journey to mastering bold art. It's a gathering place for artists to participate in meaningful discussions, get-and-give feedback, and further develop with challenges, workshops, and events. 

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Bold School Art Community

Grow in a focused space with features to suit your needs (and mood) every day of the week.  


Post your work in a class forum and get feedback and critique from trained coaches, who we call 'Mentors'. 


Continue learning right in our community space with challenges that build on your newfound skills. 


Lives, Meetups, and Paint Parties designed for fun and continued learning.

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Challenge Showcase

Our Core Mentors lead a Monthly Challenge that builds on teachings from our library of Classes. 

The Chiaroscuro Challenge, created by Luzdy Rivera

Above is the example piece created by Luzdy Rivera who led the challenge.

Artists were challenged to paint with a very small range and specific value key. Here are just 3 featured pieces.  

Obliterate and Reiterate Challenge, created by Axel Martinez

Above is the example piece created by Axel Martinez who led the challenge. Artists were challenged to abstract this work by losing and finding edges. 

There's Power in learning beside artists like you.

Our loved ones don't always understand the journey. 

BoldMaster+ Artists share the same values and goals. We lift each other up just when you need it the most. Come inspire us with your art. 

Surrounding yourself with the best artists unlocks the best in you! 

Our family and friends love us but often don't understand the journey. 

Artists with Bold School Membership share the same values and goals. They can lift you up and give you strength just when you need it the most. Come join our Meet and Greet, check out our swag, and inspire us with your art. 

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The day I decided to step into your Bold School classes was a blessed day.

Everyday is something new to learn in this Community about art, and this make so real my dream to learn the skills how to paint professional. 

- Gabriela Leanca

Choose a Membership that works for your life right now. 


Get Access to our collection of 30+ classes ranging in level, medium and subject matter. 
Lesson Support
Each class has a 'Discussions' area underneath each lesson within the class modules. This is a great place to ask questions directly related to that lesson


Everything above plus Community. You get direct access to mentors that help you get a deeper understanding of class work. 

Monthly challenges, live events and exclusive class help from Bold School Mentors.

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Artists Join for the Classes but Stay for Community. 

Our community has become the cornerstone of Bold School.

This space grows and evolves to meet the needs of the new and alumni artists. 


  • Display your art on your profile
  • Follow your fave bold artists and mentors 
  • Spaces for learning
  • Spaces for Live Events
  • Spaces for having fun
  • Private and Group Chats


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