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Bold Community 

The New Social Media  

A focused online space where you are free to create, learn and connect with artists like you. Ready?

Join Now for $10/mo ↗

*Limited offer while seats last

Bold Community 

The New Social Media  

A focused online space where you are free to create, learn and connect with artists like you. 

Join Now for $10/mo ↗
*Limited offer while seats last

Life is too short for distractions

Are you trying to connect with artists like you?

Do you spend a lot of time alone in your studio?

Does trying to learn new skills overwhelm you?

You don't have to go it alone! It's time to take your work to the next level with support of community. 


Grow in a focused space with features to suit your needs (and mood) every day of the week.  


Continue learning right in our community space with short workshops, lives and events. 


Book Club, Art Club, Challenges, Show & Tell, Meet & Greet and those are just to name a few. 


Our exclusive community class membership gives you direct access to coaches. 


Spark connections and soak up support with these features


→ Workshops

→ Art Club

→ Book Club

→ Mentorship

→ Events

→ Community



What does it mean to be part of an online community?  

Bold Community provides a single digital space for all resources and communication critical to finding your way as a bold artist. It's a gathering place for all bold artists to participate in meaningful discussions, get peer feedback and further your development with challenges and workshops. 

When you join a Community + Classes plan you gain access to an exclusive space with mentorship & critique. 



There's Power in learning alongside artists like you.

Our family and friends love us but often don't understand the journey. 

Artists in the Bold community share the same values and goals. They can lift you up and give you strength just when you need it the most. Come join our Meet and Greet, check out our Swag Bag and inspire us with your art. 


"The classes are all top notch. But they will only take me so far. Mentorship is what really pushes through the resistance of 'good enough' and into real growth. I could never say this enough: mentorship at Bold School is PRICELESS. "

Elle McCarthy

"The day I decided to step in your bold school classes it was a blessed day. Everyday is something new to learn in this Community about art, and this make so real my dream to learn the skills how to paint professional."

Gabriela Leanca

"This is seriously the nicest and most supportive virtual community I have ever experienced."

Marisa Canino

Community Explained

The Heart of Bold Community.



Our community has become the cornerstone of Bold School. Artists join for the classes but stay for the community. 

We're opening up the community space to artists that do not hold class memberships. This means you can join with community access only. The community space provides learning within short workshops, challenges and collaborations within club spaces and events such as lives, mastermind sessions and meetups. 

Community is opening up with a limited number of 'back door' tickets. As soon as our magic number is reached we'll be changing the price for community access. 

*The Fine Print: Our mentors will be interacting with you around the community spaces but please note that our Bold School Mentorship is included exclusively within Class Memberships.

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When you join with a Class membership you receive everything within the open community PLUS exclusive access to our Class Forums where you will receive critique, evaluation and mentorship from our instructors. 

Each class has a 'Discussions' area underneath each lesson within the course modules. This is great place to ask questions directly related to that lesson. 

Access to exclusive Community spaces with feedback from Bold School Members as well as peer mentoring from bold artists within the classes. 

↣ Interested in Community + Classes? Join with our Premium Pass $37/m
↣ Want to join with Community only access?

Join with Community Pass $10/m

Surrounding yourself with the best artists unlocks the best in you! 

Create your profile in the new social waits.  



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