Check out these reviews from our students at Bold School.

Jeanne Balkman

Fabulous renewal of color theory and how to use to create exciting new portraits.

Elizabeth Vitols

Thankful to have the opportunity to learn and grow with such a talented young Canadian artist-I have just started the course and so far it is proving to be filled with insight, exploration and exciting discoveries that are surely only the tip of the brush.

Zahn Engelbrecht


LOVE the course!!! Challenging but it's just what I need to get out of my comfort zone... that I don't feel comfortable in. lol.  It really feels personal and thank you for all the feedback!

Diane Rickert

I have taken a lot of online courses, but this is by far the best. I am so glad I found this course.  From beginning prep to final painting, all was extremely informative and well taught. Thank you so much

Yana Berlin

I wish this course was available to me years ago.

Charla is a fabulous teacher. Her color mixing techniques and prep for the pallet prior to starting to paint was truly a game changer for me.

I will go back to this course time and time again since it’s packed with so much that set a tremendous foundation.

Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to the future courses you are working on.

Jo Alam

I am an artist and teach art via classes, workshops, retreats and online.  I feel I learn as much from my students as they learn from me. What the Bold School community with Charla has given me is a space to create  with a wider community and be inspired as well as to understand and explore more my own processes.  It has enabled me to deconstruct what I do naturally to enable me to better communicate to others and progress my own art.

I believe that this is a community that will continue to flourish with Charla's enthusiasm, creativity and sensitivity. I have loved being part of it and highly recommend it to any one who wishes to connect further with their inner creative.

C Schwab

This course leads you into adventure of bold-color expression that will expand your your thinking and your skills as an artist. Whether or not you end up pursuing Charla's exact style in your work, you will benefit from learning new ways to approach your painting and how to represent more than just the physical features in a portrait.
The material is well-explained, easy to follow, and Charla is a delightful teacher!



Anne Doolittle

So much of what you are teaching are things I have spent years figuring out, basically, on my own.  No one really teaches how to paint with acrylics effectively.  I am so glad I found this course! Thank you so much for bringing it all together in one coherent, useful format.

Diane Faccenda

Learning way more than I thought I would, Charla is not only a gifted artist, but an excellent teacher as well. I have learned so much already and I have only just started. Can’t wait to paint!!!!


The Bold Color Bootcamp is exactly what I needed. For years I’ve been admiring artists that use big gorgeous color combinations but when I tried it myself things would get muddy or awkward. Charla goes over the theory you need in a way that is easy to understand (turns out there is a method to the madness!), offers you resources and walks you through every stage of her painting process. 
Going through her course feels like you have a friend giving you a private training in your living room.
I have been taking online classes for years and this is one of my favorites.


Charla's workshop is a well structured mix of demos and painting time. We covered a lot of ground, including an extensive session on colour mixing. Charla is a very knowledgeable but humble teacher and I would love to take another class with her.


I have painted before, but this class has and is (I keep learning, since you can access your classes over an over) took my skills to a whole new level. I plan To take every single class she offers. The other thing I love, she is deep and spiritual. Thank you Charla

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