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Make art that people want to hang on their walls.

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Stand Alone Classes

One-Time Fee.  Long Term Access.

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Master Bold Color

3 Class Intensive

1. Bold Color Primer
2. Bold Color Bootcamp
3. The Color Playbook

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Find Creative Freedom through Bold Color Expression



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Stop Mixing Mud

5 Class Series

Simple foundational color schemes that will make your art better the very next time you paint!
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Acrylic & Color 101

Prime Your Skills
This class will take you through all the tools required to begin painting with acrylics with a special focus in the basics of color. Get a new perspective so you can paint your unique story in a bold new expressive way. 

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Bold Landscape

3 Class Series

Sugar Pop Colors With Thick Buttery Oil Paints

Learn the fundamentals of composing a bold color landscape painting.

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Paint Wild Animals

5 Class Series
Elephant, Lion, Lioness, Polar Bears, Hummingbird

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Bold School

Let's paint the entire color spectrum on a face. Challenge your ability to control color and help you break the old habits of realism, blending and tight brushwork.

Bold School

Can you imagine composing a piece of art entirely from your own imagination without having to worry about copyrighted reference photos?

Bold School

Discover the medium's rich history, explore diverse pastel types and surfaces, experiment with various mark-making techniques, essential equipment, safety guidelines, and so much more!

Bold School

 Alla Prima Oil Paint is introduced in Landscape Bootcamp. Learn the fundamentals of composing landscape paintings in bold sugar-pop colors with thick buttery oil paints

Bold School

Do you struggle with getting your portraits to come alive? Eyes hold tremendous power to communicate emotion. This bootcamp will teach you the keys to master the power of the eyes. 

Bold School

Create a specific mood in your work by choosing the right palette. Luzdy focuses on how to use a Split-Complementary Color Scheme.

Bold School

Use the language of color and brushwork to tell a story. Let's do more than recreate a reference image. Use structure, skills and unique expression to put a story on canvas.

Bold School

Elevate your sketching technique so that your paintings will flow.

Bold School

Find and create movement while painting the subtle nuances of sky with Alla Prima oil paint. 

Bold School

In the third class of the Bold Landscape Series you will learn ways to balance the space around landscape elements while painting the movement of water. 

Bold School

 Understanding what lies beneath the layers of the portrait will help you successfully render and troubleshoot every face you paint!

Bold School

 Part Two of Principles of Art: Emphasis


Bold School

 Part Two of Principles of Art: Movement


Bold School

Ever step back from your canvas and see a strangely distorted face with features all out of place? No longer work with anxiety of portraits gone wrong.

Bold School

 The structure of hair is organic and hard to control. Corey will demonstrate how to break out of those old habits and find freedom and expression in painting hair! 

Bold School

 Manage the details of hair without taking focus away from the face. Paint the details of braided hair demonstrating simple techniques that still allow the face to take center stage. 

Bold School

There's more to a portrait than just features. There's a connection between the subject and the viewer -emotions waiting to be shared. Use expressive brushstrokes and color to capture those emotions.

Bold School

Creating movement through abstraction, brushstrokes, and color placement allows you to control your viewer's experience. 

Bold School

 Understanding its structure will help you to grasp the unique poses of the hand.

Bold School

If you learned how to count to 10 then you can learn the steps to painting a face! It is that easy!

Bold School

Transfer your reference onto your canvas with ease so you can start painting faster!

Bold School

You don't have to fake it till you make it. Learn to create a unique cohesive color palette every time you paint. 

Bold School

Emphasis is what we call the focal point, the dominant element – where you want the viewer to stop and stay in your painting.

Bold School

 Learn a method that destroys the complexity of the figure and gives you the skills to successfully paint the figure every time you're in the studio. 

Bold School

 No longer leave your compositions up to fate. Create unique compositions that communicate the ideas behind your art and make painting a breeze. 

Bold School

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