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5 Steps to Transform the Way You Paint 

Take this FREE class and learn the 5steps thjat will change your art process, fast!  You can create powerful art and make the impact you've dreamed of!

If you're a perfectionist, this class is for you. 


Fill your toolbox with...

5 different ways to loosen up your brushwork so you can create art that feels more like you. 


Follow along with this FREE class as Charla Maarschalk takes you through brushwork and color choices to create a stunning painting in one hour, real-time!


Less frustration, more creation
Get out of your head and into your canvas with the best techniques that’ll loosen you up.


Watch & Learn (and DO!)
Watch Charla create a stunning 60-minute painting in real-time, as you follow along.


Find the BEST resources
Get access to the best FREE resources for things like color theory, tools, and more.


Make color choices confidently
Charla walks you through how she makes color choices, so you can do the same.

Everyone was born to create!

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"I really enjoyed this course as a good refresher and I loved all the tips. Many things that I had kind of forgotten were brought into my thinking once again. You are a true pleasure to watch. I love your work so much and am striving to get looser, bolder, and less afraid in every painting,"

Ren Evanoff

"Really enjoyed the course and learned how to paint with bold colors and to paint more freely. Realistic can be abstract, love it!"


"I’m blown away. Everything she does is different than I paint. Questioning how I can assimilate all the new info. Willing to start with large brushes and throw those little ones in a drawer. I absolutely love her style!"

Jeanne Zerr

"Although you’ve made the process look easy, I know I’m especially going to have a bit of trouble putting the small brushes aside. I’m willing to make the effort though. This is exactly how I want to paint."

Sandy Moser

"Yes I enjoyed the course. The tips and color information will help me loosen up. I know now to practice one skill at a time not a number of them at once. I did not realize that was slowing me down and confusing me. Thank you"

Yvonne Amick

"Beautiful work. Very inspiring. I loved being told to hide my small brushes, hahaha. Guilty of detailed painting."

Kata Polano

"Hi it was very inspiring, painted my first try and love it. thank you."


"Yes. I still do not have a grasp on choosing the colors for the painting. The best I can take away is that it is what feeling one would want to bring out in the painting and then work from the color wheel. I love your art and love watching you paint. I learned a lot just from watching you lay in the brush strokes. Love your art. Thank you for the course."

Julie Perrine

"I love the way she uses color and this gave me some insight into how she does it.."

Anne C Atkins

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Who Teaches This Workshop?
Charla is a Canadian painter that specializes in painting large, bold color, gestural faces. She has been a creative all her life working in the graphic arts as well as photography. 

Charla has taught art almost as long as she has practiced it and is the founder of Bold School. 



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