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On-demand art classes and mentorship.

Making Art Simple So You Can Be Bold. 

The framework for bold art expression.


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On-demand art classes and mentorship.

Making Art Simple So You Can Be Bold. 

Get the framework for Bold Expression.



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Creating is not supposed to be hard. Break away from classical structures and guesswork. Make art that people want to hang on their walls.

Access our free Powerful Resources that Equip You with Tools To Start Creating Art You Love.

6-Step Toolkit for acrylic artists.

Get the right tools to consistently create amazing art!

Create a clear and focused work space with all the right tools. 

3-Step Formula for creating color magic.

Ignite Your Canvas with Color Harmony!

Generate Color that makes the viewer want to stop and stare! 

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Loosen up Your Work in 5 Steps

Breaking out of old habits starts with changing them! 


Bold Community

Community is the New Social Media!

Cut the Distractions

Get off social media and into community

Get focused in a space where connection is automatic and learning is the bonus!

Engage your artistic world wherever you go

On-the-go connection to trained leaders, workshops and other tools helps you stay sharp wherever life takes you. Keep up with monthly challenges and book club topics on vacation, at the beach or visiting family. 

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Access to our Class library gets you momentum building techniques perfectly suited to your current level of skill. 

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Whether you are just starting out or been painting forever, our School Membership Options got you covered. 

Color & Acrylics 101
Bold Color Bootcamp
Anatomy for Artists
Advanced Portrait Demos
Mentorship and Critique

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Bold Artist Podcast

A weekly conversation with real life Artists.

Real stories, insights, and inspirational action steps will do more than just give you something to listen to.

The Bold Artist Podcast will place you firmly on the path to creating that really matters. Join with thousands of monthly listeners who have begun the journey. 

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How can you make art that matters?

It starts with believing that artists have powerful stories to tell!

Do you feel like you're throwing paint on a canvas and creating a hot mess? The tools to create with freedom feel out of reach.

But what tools do artists need to start making art that matters? Recognizing that art holds the same power as a great song or award winning movie empowers the artist to bring change to the lives of the people view it.  Realizing that great art is more than recreating a photo, more than matching color, more than natural talent is the beginning of making meaningful art. 

Imagine being able to hang your favorite song on the wall! To see every rhythm; remember every melody. With one gaze you have the power to transport people through time and space and not just to their memories but also new experiences. 

Bold School's on-demand classes, supportive community and knowledgeable mentors will equip you with the skills you need to make art wth excellence. Soon you'll have the tools not just to make skillful art but to make art that expresses a story, art that impacts people's lives. Even better you will find freedom and joy in your creative process. Don't settle for just learning classical skills that creates art like everyones else. Get access to Bold School and make powerful art that people want to hang on their walls!



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