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We help unfulfilled artists go from lonely, irrelevant and bored to supported & dignified – with art that feels like you.

With dozens of skill-building classes, group coaching, and a network of 1000's of other creatives who will cheer you on!
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It’s time to prioritize your art.  

You know what it feels like:
that free-flow creative space where you get out of your head and into your art. Where time slips away and creating becomes

But life happens → You’re busy and there are so many other things that need to be done.



You love to paint but the vision in your head feels impossible to transfer onto your canvas.


The idea of taking your art more seriously feels exciting, but unless you’re going to make money with it, isn’t it a waste of time?


You’ve taken classes before which have been great, but when you go to free-flow, nothing comes out right.


You want to prioritize your passion but there are so many other things that seem to be more important.



You want your creations to be beautiful and inspiring – something you can be proud to know is yours.


You dream of sharing your visions with the world in a way that actually feels like you. 


You know your art is important, and you want permission to prioritize it. 


Your art feels too important to just be “a fun hobby” but you don’t think you have the talent to really make art that is impactful.
What if you have the right to take it seriouslywhether it’s for profit or simply for your soul?
What if the art in you actually needs to be released  that your desire necessitates its creation? 
What if that need NEEDS to be shared  because its purpose is to change the world, even if only one person at a time?

You’ve already got the passion.

With Bold School, you’ll learn the science behind the magic!

(because you don’t need to be born with talent to create beauty)

The secret to art isn’t really a secret. Learn the exact methods founder Charla Maarschalk uses to create bold colour art you’ll fall in love with.
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Charla Maarschalk, Bold Color Art Teacher, Bold School
"I'm proud to be a student with Bold School. I finally found realism blended with my hyper color style."
"Thank you Charla. Your passion for art is infectious, it brought me to tears.
"Bold color was the key I was missing. Bold School created the perfect foundation for me to pursue this style."  
The World Needs the Art that Only You Can Make!
The World Needs the Art that Only You Can Make!
All of this art looks so beautiful, but I’m not even close! I want the basics, starting from the beginning!

I have some experience with painting and love how it makes me feel. I know my passion is important. I haven’t really prioritized my art before, but I think I’m ready.

I’m here because I’ve seen her work and I’m so inspired by what she creates. I’m not there yet but I am committed to improving my techniques so I can paint like Charla!


"This course has given me a bolder, more confident approach to my art. The feedback from the team has been very positive and encouraging." - LORNA

"I'm enjoying the basic class since I'm a newbie to painting. It's great you take the time out to break it all down for those of us that need it. What I enjoyed most from this class is getting to know about using color, I went to Amazon and bought the harmony wheel you showed during the class, it helps me a lot. After various online tutorial for paintings yours's definitely the best! Thank you." - LOURDES VICENS 

Thank you! All of the Bootcamp modules flow really well, are easy to follow and with the final painting so well presented that the Bold School concepts are that much easier to grasp. Even better, practicing it really does help...fab! - SARAH BOYLAN

"This is a great course if you want to break free from "stiff" painting. The feedback from our teachers is almost immediate; therefore, we can make corrections quickly without long delays.  I highly recommend taking classes from Bold School." - BETTY

"I have had a blast. I’ve learned so much. It has been exciting to be enabled to achieve something I only dreamed of. The feedback on submission of the painting has been very prompt and incredibly helpful and encouraging. I realise now that I can do this! … Great value for money- an investment in me. Thank you Charla and your wonderful enthusiastic team." - FIONA

"That 16 minutes picked me up so intensely that I couldn't stop crying. For once, I feel like I'm in the right place at the right time. Thank you Charla for confirming that I am unique." - DANIELLE

"This was so very very inspiring to me. It was like you spoke to me directly Charla and saw into my spirit. When I was 17 I was inspired in prayer and meditation....I felt rather heard a message, "You will do it" Now I am 74 and all these years have wondered what will I do.....You clarified the answer that was in me all along....." - EVELYN

"I appreciate the plain language and clear explanations about colour and the colour wheel. I have had numerous explanations and this one I will probably remember the contents of this class because of your excellent presentation." - V.FORD



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The World Needs the Art that Only You Can Make!
The World Needs the Art that Only You Can Make!
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Charla Maarschalk Art Teacher, Bold School

Who Teaches Bold School? 

Bold School is led by Charla Maarschalk. Charla is a bold color artist who believes that all artists carry power to impact and change the world through their art. Her mission is to help you realize your greatest potential and use your gifts to change the world. 
What you’ll learn in Bold School is based on over 20 years of experience in the art world and a decade of teaching her process both in person and online.


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Charla Maarschalk Art Teacher, Bold School

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