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Teaches creative freedom through bold color.

Bold Color Made Easy. Get the Confidence of a Master. Paint Dynamic Portraits. 


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Bold Color Bootcamp


Teaches creative freedom through bold color

Make bold color easy - Have the confidence of a master - Paint dynamic portraits 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This was an exceptional course. I learned SO much!!!

Thank you so much Charla. You are a super talented artist, wonderful instructor and powerful visionary.

Bold School team provided amazing and prompt support.

I have recommended the course and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work Bold School. With gratitude!!!"

- Satya Kumar

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"The course has been a revelation to me. It has given me a new lease of life in my artwork. 

The course was well supported but there was a point in the learning when I was ready to give up.  I persevered though and finished my painting which I still love. All the material was good and it was well worth the cost to me.

I also want to mention the mentors who are my heroes. Always helpful and giving positive feedback." 

- Annie Turner

Your plan to find creative freedom with bold color.


Build a strong foundation in bold color, gain skills in portraiture and find your courage as a unique artist. It's time to remove the any barriers between you, the art you love to make, and the people your art is meant to impact.

Your art should reflect you, the message you have to share and be fulfilling in the process! This is the life I'm living and I want to help you get there too!

Move from recreating what you see to expressing what you feel. 



If you've never drawn a face successfully before, it's ok! Charla will start from the beginning. 


This is why we're here! The meat of this course is all about color and how to apply it in non traditional ways. 


Two complete demonstrations in real-time. You will witness every brush stroke and Charla will explain each step of her process.

In Bold Color Bootcamp you'll learn a simple way to draw a face and the secret to using bold abstract color. 

But here's the thing: 

Drawing a face well and learning color theory isn't an artform - bold expression is!

Nomatter what skill level you are today: 

✔️ this class will give you the essential framework to start creating expression paintings by the time you complete the first portrait

✔️ If you're tired of spendin g too many hours just trying to transfer your reference onto a canvas this class will give you one simple way to do it right every time

✔️ And even if you’ve been painting for years, this class will show you how to master bold color without complicated color theory knowledge.
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So if you’re ready to level up your paintings, then click the button below and join me inside Bold Color Bootcamp!


Charla's instruction was exactly what I needed to catapult my painting hobby into something a bit more serious and frequent.

I love the fact that the videos are always accessible, and I have gained a phenomenal amount of technical skills after each class. I'd highly recommend these packages to anyone interested in getting started or improving their artistic skills. "

- Natalie Cole


A treasure trove of artistic tools in the courses from Bold School!

If you're ready to push into new artistic territory with great mentorship, this is the place for you." 

- Sharon Grimley

What's The Main Difference Between An Artist Who Can Paint Masterpieces

And the beginner whose work
look flat, cartoonish, and meaningless?

You might think it depends on:

→ How many years you’ve been painting

→ How much talent you have

→ Or if you've attended a prestigious art school 

But what actually matters, is learning how to…

Troubleshoot Your Art - To 'Fix' it - So That It Feels balanced, refined and reflects your creative vision.

After working with over 4000 students in my online art classes, I can say that learning to troubleshoot is the key difference between the beginner and the seasoned artist.

Every artist makes mistakes, the “pros” just know how to fix them

Sadly, all too often, I see artists give up on their work once they make a mistake...

They get frustrated and defeated when they look at their finished work and think:

"I know something is wrong, but I don’t know how to fix it!

Trust me, we’ve all been there! 
What I’ve discovered after analyzing hundreds of paintings…

Is there are fundamental processes that every artist can learn if they want to create better art.

Can you tell what's different between these two pieces? 

This is Reginie's before and after self portraits. 
(Bold Color Bootcamp Graduate)

Can you tell why the “Before” looks so flat compared to her second portrait?
The biggest mistakes artists make is lack of expression and form.
And as you can see from her final portrait, once Reginie learned how to use bold color with a full range of values the portrait really came to life!

What about this before and after? 

Check out this amazing before and after using the same color palette by Luzdy Rivera. 
(Bold Color Bootcamp Graduate and Now Mentor)

Even though Luzdy was already experimenting with vibrant colors can you see the difference an understanding in depth, form and detail can make?

It Really is That Simple! 

No matter where you are today, when you go through the Bold Color Masterclass you will be well on your way to a great understanding of how to express on canvas your own beautiful, unique vision. 
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★


I love everything about it. Bold school has really helped me to loosen up and has helped to take my art to a level That I have always wanted to achieve.

Charla really hits home with the value instruction.

It’s like a lightbulb went off after I took the class.

Thank you so much to everyone at bold school. Look forward to more classes."

- Susie Krask Poff


Charla's art is what brought me to the school and, after seeing how much she puts into it, gave me a whole new appreciation! So much I did not know about color theory is now making sense to me.

I could paint before Bold Color Bootcamp but feel like I have been given the keys to originality!
I am ready to paint paint paint! I will wear out some brushes until I get how to use it all! The mentors are rockin' it! So Good!"

- Charlotte Champlin

When you enroll in a bootcamp like this you become the artist that experiences progress!

Here's what I've seen to be the key game changer, time and again, for why some artists keep making better art - and it's not talent!

It's Mentorship. 


When an artist, is stuck a trained Mentor - who knows their style and voice - will move them towards the goalpost like no other tool can. 

When you join Bold Color Bootcamp via a Membership Plan you gain acce to invaluable Mentorship - it's a easy step to enhance your skills.
Explore additional benefits with Bold School Membership plans: 

✔️Community & Peer Feedback

✔️Mentor Support

✔️Downloadable Workbooks

✔️Live Events

✔️Satisfaction guarantee


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 Artist, Educator and Director
I’m a bold color artist who believes that all artists carry power to impact and change the world through their art.

I’ve been a professional, self-representing artist for over a decade. I’m based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada with my roots still firmly planted on the rocky east coast of Newfoundland.

I’m also a photographer, graphic designer, director, architect-at-heart and most importantly a mom of boys.

My art practice is focused on large scale gestural faces that explore the layers of human identity.

I've taught art almost as long as I've practiced it. You can see some of my work in my online portfolio at and on social media. 


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But maybe you’re a little skeptical. I get it.

Here are some answers to your burning questions. 

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