The Color Playbook 

Create new and dynamic color palettes every time you paint. 

Learn Color Schemes - Increase your color sense - make amazing art.


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Expressive Portraits

 Create new and dynamic color palettes every time you paint. 

Learn 5 Schemes - Increase your color sense - make amazing art

Simple foundational color schemes that will make your art better the very next time you paint!

Color is beautiful when it's applied well. And can make you dizzy when it's done wrong! Because the study of color is in-depth and a lifelong journey many artists run away from it. It doesn't have to be complicated!  There are simple foundational principles you can learn and apply right now to make your next canvas a work of art.

Color theory helps you understand how colors relate, methods to use well and how they affect our perception. 

First 5 Clases

  • Analogous Palette 
  • Complementary Palette 
  • Monochromatic Palette
  • Triadic
  • Tetradic 
  • BONUS: Make Your Own Color Wheel  
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The Monochromatic Palette
Create a multi-dimensional palette with one beautiful color.

By Charla Maarschalk

The Analogous Palette
Beautiful, simple color combinations you can start using today. 

By Charla Maarschalk

The Complementary Palette
A dynamic scheme that will give you a unique canvas every time you use it. 

By Charla Maarschalk 

The Triad Palette
One more color makes a Triad and offers many new ways to tell your story on canvas.

By Charla Maarschalk

The Tetrad Palette
Add color complexity to your palette with a fourth color. 

By Charla Maarschalk

Student Work

What members are saying:

"That was extremely informative. Who knew you could make so many colours from 2 + white."

- Sue Keunen

"I have been painting for a long time but the Analogous Palette was a breath of fresh air for me. Color concepts have always been a struggle, but this class unlocked concepts that were new to me and I loved it. Can't wait to try it!! Thank you."

- Rosana Halprine

"Fantastic review of some info I already knew and added so much depth to that body of knowledge. This alone is worth the cost of the classes. Thank you. I’m delighted to be a part of this wonderful school of knowledge."

- Karen Sharpo



Charla Maarschalk is a Canadian painter who specializes in painting large, bold color, gestural faces. She has been a creative all her life working in the graphic arts as well as photography. 

Charla has taught art almost as long as she has practiced it and has aquired a large online following. You can see some of her work below. Check out her o

Start making art that's more like you!

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What members are saying:

"I am really loving this course. I have learnt so much already. I love Charla's presentation style. Her voice is soothing to listen to and she she shares so many useful tips. I can't wait to continue with the classes."

- Deidre Heafield

"I just joined a few days ago and already feel like I've gotten my money's worth. Such an organized and comprehensive program.
I learned so much valuable information today.
I'm sure I'll rewatch this many times."

- Patricia Bowyer

"I learned so much in this class. I always thought monochromatic meant one color mixed with white........ this class has helped me understand values so much more, AND what neutrals can do. Amazing, Charla! Thank you so much."

- Lorrie Anderson

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