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The Color Playbook 

Create new and dynamic color palettes every time you paint. 

Learn Color Schemes - Increase your color sense - make amazing art.


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Expressive Portraits

 Create new and dynamic color palettes every time you paint. 

Learn 5 Schemes - Increase your color sense - make amazing art

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"Fantastic review of some info I already knew and added so much depth to that body of knowledge.

This class alone is worth the cost of the membership. Thank you.

I’m delighted to be a part of this wonderful school of knowledge."

Karen Sharpo

Simple foundational color schemes that will make your art better the very next time you paint!

Color is beautiful when it's applied well. And can make you dizzy when it's done wrong! Because the study of color is in-depth and a lifelong journey many artists run away from it. It doesn't have to be complicated!  There are simple foundational principles you can learn and apply right now to make your next canvas a work of art.

Color theory helps you understand how colors relate, methods to use well and how they affect our perception. 


Class 01. The Analogous Palette 

Class 02. The Complementary Palette

Class 03. The Monochromatic Palette

Class 04. The Triadic Palette

Class 05. The Tetradic Palette 

BONUS: Make Your Own Color Wheel  

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The Analogous Palette
Beautiful, simple color combinations you can start using today. 

Includes Color Theory resources, the science behind the light waves, how to mix the palette and more. 

+ Workshop 

See the analogous palette in action in a real-time start to finish painting demonstration. *Workshops are included with Membership only. 


That was extremely informative.

Who knew you could make so many colours from 2 + white."

- Sue Keunen


I have been painting for a long time but...

...the Analogous Palette was a breath of fresh air for me.

Color concepts have always been a struggle, but this class unlocked concepts that were new to me and I loved it. Can't wait to try it!! Thank you."

- Rosana Halprine

The Monochromatic Palette
Create a multi-dimensional palette with one beautiful color.

A deep look into values, major and minor keys, methods to use and how to mix a rich monochromatic palette. 

AMAZING amount of information!"

I feel like there are endless possibilities from a monochromatic palette that from its name alone sounds so limiting.

Thank you encouraging me to explore!"

Sienna Langstaff

This was a very helpful class.

I loved learning how to create all the values, and seeing them emerge as you added the tints and shades and complements. It I think values has been the hardest things for me to learn and see.

Thank you so much for sharing this information in such a clear and concise way.

Beth Longtine

The Complementary Palette
A dynamic scheme that will give you a unique canvas every time you use it. Includes a look at split, near and double Complements. 

In depth look at how this palette works, afterimages, Color Bias, Methods to use and more. We will learn to mix 3 unique palettes. 

This is a great class. I’m currently working through Bootcamp classes and wanted more in-depth color theory training so I jumped into this class. It’s just what I needed.

I'm quickly realizing that good paintings begin with understnading how to mix paints properly.

I’m quickly realizing that good paintings begin with understanding how to mix paints properly.

Now I can go back to Bootcamp class and be smarter and more confident with my palette. Thanks!"

Shari McNeill

What a wonderful explanation and demonstration on complementary colours

...neutrals - semi neutrals - cool and warm. How all of that transfers to actual paintings is another story. I guess - armed with this knowledge - it will be trial and error. Balancing hues - to satisfy the brain.....amazing.

- John Kent

The Triad Palette
One more color makes a Triad and offers many new ways to tell your story on canvas.

Define the triad, how to avoid muddy colors, methods to use, warm & cool with digial examples of the Primary Triad, Secondary Triad and Tertiary Triads. We will also mix a complex palette.

I have had formal training in an academy, but we never were taught this!

Very interesting - all the classes of the color playbook!
I have taken a lot of notes, and now it is up to me to experiment with it all. Thank you!

Sabine wienen

I have taken more color theory classes than I can count. Finally, finally, someone has explained it in a way that makes sense!

Thank you, Charla! I planned to do Bootcamp a second time but I feel like I will be watching it with new eyes now that I have been through the Playbook class. Bravo Charla!

Temple Bolek

The Tetrad Palette
Add color complexity to your palette with a fourth color. 

Breaking down this complex palette with methods to use, how to mix and reviewing a completed painting. 

This class is invaluable and will be a reference for me in the future!"

Ann Saladino

I have quite a few paintings that I’ve seen and saved on Instagram. I pulled out my color wheel and began looking at those pictures with the color wheel in hand. I’m looking to see what color scheme is being used. What are the dominant and subordinate colors, saturated and de-saturated, cool and warm? How is gray used? What strategies are used in the foreground and background? What key is the painting in?

It is a great way to understand what I find really appealing using the information provided in these lessons. Thank you for these empowering sessions.

Peter Gillespie

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Student Work

I am really loving this course. I have learnt so much already. I love Charla's presentation style. Her voice is soothing to listen to and she she shares so many useful tips.

I can't wait to continue with the classes."

- Deidre Heafield

I learned so much in this class.

I always thought monochromatic meant one color mixed with white....

....this class has helped me understand values so much more, AND what neutrals can do.

Amazing, Charla! Thank you so much."

- Lorrie Anderson

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The Color Playbook does not require any prior knowledge of color theory. It is best to take this series slow and practice each new color scheme before moving on to the next. 

Class Support
Class purchase includes access to our 'Discussions' which are found underneath each lesson within the class modules. This is great place to ask questions directly related to that lesson. 

Membership Support
When taking The Color Playbook through a Membership Plan you will have access to our exclusive Private Community where you are can interact with Bold School team members, get feedback from class work and meet artists like you. 

Group Guidance
Bold School art mentors are available during specific hours to offer guidance and critique.



Charla Maarschalk is a Canadian painter who specializes in painting large, bold color, gestural faces. She has been a creative all her life working in the graphic arts as well as photography. 

Charla has taught art almost as long as she has practiced it and has aquired a large online following. You can see some of her work below. Check out her o

Start making art that's more like you!

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I just joined a few days ago and already feel like I've gotten my money's worth.

Such an organized and comprehensive program.

I learned so much valuable information today.
I'm sure I'll rewatch this many times."

- Patricia Bowyer

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