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Unravel the Science of Color with
A 5-step Formula to True Color Freedom
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Vibrant Homemade Swatch Color Wheel
If you want to experience freedom with color, you're in the right place!
Magenta Acrylic Paint Color Blobs from dark to light

Most artists are stuck using colors straight out of the tube with little to no mixing. 

Maybe you don't know much about color temperature or bias. You probably don’t know much about mixing color that works for you, instead of against you.

And you most likely have never heard a clear explanation of the science behind color.

The Problem with learning Color Theory
You love to paint! You’re proud of how far you’ve come but know you could do more.
You love to use color. But just because your palette looks pretty, doesn’t mean your painting does!
You know a bit about color theory. But you can’t seem to mix and make combinations that WOW!
You love to experiment! But more often than not, your colors turn into mud.

There’s a whole world

beyond color mixing, that’ll open your eyes to creating original paintings for the rest of your life.

Laptop with textured, colorful painting, online art school

Musicians use the same 8 notes to compose every piece of music that’s ever existed – and yet for centuries, musicians have been able to create completely original music and probably will until the end of time.

 That is the impact of the science of color. And once you understand it, you’ll open a door into color freedom you never knew you were missing. 
This Could Be You...
I now have the perfect foundation for pursuing my style."
"These classes added so much depth to my body of knowledge."
"Color theory is finally making sense to me."
"I now can create texture and colors that were impossible for me before Bold School." 
"I am now more confident in my palette choices!"
"This is like a breath of fresh air to me."
Learn the Science behind color so you can make more beautiful original art.


Color is beautiful when it’s done right – but can make you dizzy when it’s done wrong. 

The study of color is detailed and has a lot of moving parts, but the color playbook breaks it down into a simple, easy to understand guideline that will serve you for years to come.

Online color theory art classes in abstract, unrealistic colors

Relearn traditional ideas about color so you can decide what rules to keep and which to throw away.


Our core material is immediately available within our online student hub.
  • 5 Modules on BOLD color 
  • 6+ hrs of self-paced lessons + Painting Demonstrations
  • Beautiful, cinematic instruction guided by Charla Maarschalk
  • Workbooks and painting demonstrations by Luzdy Rivera
  • Bonus: Making a Color Wheel and so much more!
Make a color wheel and learn secrets to color mixing
Bold School, online art classes in color theory


The Color Playbook
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Standalone Class

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A 5-part series on color theory so you can learn the rules and then choose which rule you want to break.
  • 5 Classes
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  •  Workbooks
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"I have had formal training in an academy, but we never were taught this. Very interesting - all the classes of the color playbook! I have taken a lot of notes and now it is up to me to experiment with it all. Thank you!"
- Sibine Wienen


During this in-depth 5 class series, you’ll learn:
how to create multi-dimensional palettes,
 dynamic color schemes,
 the science behind light waves,
 how to avoid muddy colors,
 and how to mix warm and cool.


*See Full Descriptions below of the 5 main classes in the series.

Learn the rules of color so you can decide which ones to keep 
(and which ones to throw away)
Class 01

Bring Calm to Your Canvas 

Triad Palette Online Art Class
Analogous Palette Process
This class teaches you about color theory and how light waves work. You’ll get to workshop and see an analogous palette in a real-time start-to-finish painting demonstration.


"This is a great class. I wanted a more in-depth color theory training so I jumped into this class. It’s just what I needed.  I'm quickly realizing that good paintings begin with understanding how to mix paints properly. Now I can go back to Bootcamp class and be smarter and more confident with my palette. Thanks!" - Shari McNeill
Class 02

Create a Multi-dimensional Palette with One Beautiful Color

Triad Palette Online Art Class
Monochromatic Palette Process
Learn to boldly use one color at a time while still making dynamic art. This process is simple to learn with an outcome that's anything but basic! 

"I learned so much in this class. I always thought monochromatic meant one color mixed with white. This class has helped me understand values so much more, AND what neutrals can do." 
- Lorrie Anderson
Class 03

Opposites Attract but Need to Learn the Rules to Playing Well Together. 

Triad Palette Online Art Class
Complementary Palette Process
Create a dynamic color scheme that will give you a unique canvas every time you paint with it.  You’ll get an in-depth look at how this palette works and mix 3 unique palettes.

"Fascinating. There is so much to learn. I suspect that I will continue to return to the lessons as I move forward. It's fascinating!" - Jacqui
Class 04 

Three Colors - a World of Possibility

Triad Palette Online Art Class
The Triadic Palette
A rainbow of colors on your palette doesn't always turn into a rainbow on your canvas! This series will give you a new reality > making art you love! This triad class is all about clearly defining this color harmony, how to avoid muddy colors, and how to mix warm & cool colors to create stunning, unique visuals.

"So informative - Thank you. This opens up a whole new world for me !" - Ulla Abildgaard
Class 05

Add Dimension with A Fourth Color

Triad Palette Online Art Class
Tetrad Palette
Feel your color confusion disappear as we will iron out the wrinkles in your understanding of multi-color palettes as we walk through the elements of a 4 color color palette - the Tetrad. 

"This is one of the most informative and easy to learn courses on color theory I have ever taken. Thank you Charla! I've painted a lot in my studio and always confuse the color!" - Diane Googins
*Soft Pastel Demo's Coming Soon
Charla Maarschalk
Founder, Instructor
Luzdy Rivera

The Color Playbook works. Here's proof: 

 "I am really loving this course. I have learnt so much already. I love Charla's presentation style. Her voice is soothing to listen to and she she shares so many useful tips.
I can't wait to continue with the classes."
- Deidre Heafield
"I just joined a few days ago and already feel like I've gotten my money's worth.
Such an organized and comprehensive program.  I learned so much valuable information today.
I'm sure I'll rewatch this many times."
- Patricia Bowyer
"I learned so much in this class. I always thought monochromatic meant one color mixed with white. This class has helped me understand values so much more, AND what neutrals can do.  Amazing, Charla! Thank you so much."
- Lorrie Anderson
"I wanted more in-depth color theory training so I jumped into this class. It’s just what I needed.  I'm quickly realizing that good paintings begin with understanding how to mix paints properly.
Now I can be smarter and more confident with my palette. Thanks!"
- Shari McNeill
"This was a very helpful class.
I loved learning how to create all the values, and seeing them emerge as you added the tints and shades and complements. It I think values has been the hardest things for me to learn and see.
Thank you so much for sharing this information in such a clear and concise way."
- Beth Longline
"I have taken more color theory classes than I can count. Finally, finally, someone has explained it in a way that makes sense! Thank you, Charla! I planned to do Bootcamp a second time but I feel like I will be watching it with new eyes now that I have been through the Playbook class. Bravo Charla!"
- Temple Bolek
"This class is invaluable and will be a reference for me in the future!"
- Ann Saladino
"I have been painting for a long time but the Analogous Palette was a breath of fresh air for me.
Color concepts have always been a struggle, but this class unlocked concepts that were new to me and I loved it. Can't wait to try it!! Thank you."
- Rosana Halprine
"AMAZING amount of information! I feel like there are endless possibilities from a monochromatic palette that from its name alone sounds so limiting. Thank you encouraging me to explore!"
- Sienna Langstaff
Student Work at Bold School, online art classes

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Standalone Class

$397 USD

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Start making art that's more like you!

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