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5 Steps for the Artist to Go Viral


Ok, so that title is total clickbait. But IMO if you're goal as an artist is to go viral than you really, really need to hear this. I'm not trying to change your mind but...

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To Give or Not to Give...Your Art Away


You have decided you're going to put everything you got into your art. 

Practice every day. That's what you have to do to get good!

So you do. And guess what....

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How an Artist Manages Commissions: Stay in Your Lane


Everyone's got an embarrassing story right? 

Well this one isn't about the time I hung from the side of a boat by my bikini bottoms weighed down by water...

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Social Media and the Artist


Should Artists Quit Social Media? 

Social Media and Artist Websites

Is there a trend of artists leaving social media?

Maybe you're an artist who is...

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The Best Social Media for Artists [2022 and Beyond]


Did you know there's a New Social Media for Artists?

Artist, it's time to stop scrolling and start creating.

Social media use to be awesome. We...

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Live Painting Tip One: How to Not Let Them See You Sweat.


Ever feel like a fake? 

I do. All. The. Time. 

The piece you see here I created in 20 minutes during an art demo at a local art supply store. Have you done one of those? They...

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Who's Telling The Story?


Who is the art for?
The artist?
Or the person that will hang it on their wall?

I suppose you can argue both.

Great art starts with you. The artist creates the work from...

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Is Your Story Unheard? Let's Change That.


Risk can result in failure. Otherwise you'd need to use a word other than 'risk'. Creating art that restores hope in people, art that matters, art that people want to hang on...

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Do You Paint Pictures and Tell Stories?

What does painting and story have in common?

Painting defined: the process or art of using paint, in a picture, as a protective coasting, or as a decoration.

Story defined: an account of imagery...

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Don't Tell Me I'm Not An Artist!

Author Charla Maarschalk

Is art supposed to be good? On one hand I hear, 'Anyone can make art!' and on the other hand I hear, 'Only the uber talented can make art.' 

IMO, neither are true.


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Compassion Makes the World Go Round


These siblings sat together waiting for their turn at a free medical clinic in an isolated village of Pokot, Kenya. 

Siblings stick together in Kenya. No matter how young, they...

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Two ways color temperature can help tell a story

Author Charla Maarschalk

Color blocking is using one color predominantly in one place. The transition of color in the painting below leads the viewer from the warm memories found in the face to...

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