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5 Steps for the Artist to Go Viral

go viral Aug 26, 2022


Ok, so that title is total clickbait. But IMO if you're goal as an artist is to go viral than you really, really need to hear this. I'm not trying to change your mind but I'd like to think of your work a little differently. Bare with it for just a few minutes.

Viral is the name of the game right? 

You want your work to go viral and be forever loved by the whole world? Do you even know what the reality of that means?

Viral is not just a luxury life of fame and fortune. 

The life that comes with that kind of extreme fame is not exciting for me. I like my privacy and my sleep. 

You probably agree. So how does this relate to real life? 

Maybe you don't expect the entire internet to love your work but what about everyone who walks into your studio? Should they love your work? Does everyone you meet and talk to have to love your work? 


We shouldn't expect or want everyone we meet to love our work! 

For one, expectations often lead to disappointment. 

For two, our art can't be for everyone because there's only one of our art. 

Story time:
 I remember, a few years back, painting a piece I particularly loved. I took it to a show and it didn't sell.

In fact, a piece I didn't really personally like at all sold within the first 15 minutes of the show opening. The beloved piece went home with me.

It stayed in my care for a few more years until it did sell at another show. 

The new owner of the piece was in tears as she held it for the first time. It had touched her soul and she couldn't think of living without it. I remember these words coming out of my mouth, 'I didn't know it when I painted it several years ago but this piece was painted specifically for you.'

And I believe that true to this day. 

There can only ever be one original work. Only one person can own an original and it can only ever hang on one wall. 

This knowledge frees us artists from needing to go viral, from needing everyone to love what we do and even empowers us to deal with 'the haters'.  

We're going deeper on today's podcast episode so that you can really let this concept sink in and be free from needing the world's acceptance to do what you love. 

Are you ready to be at peace with your art and its purpose? Come listen in on the podcast today >

Keep creating,

Creativity awaits!


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