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How to paint bold dynamic art in a 20 minute live demonstration

Live Painting Tip One: How to Not Let Them See You Sweat.

live demo oranage man May 22, 2022


Ever feel like a fake? 

I do. All. The. Time. 

The piece you see here I created in 20 minutes during an art demo at a local art supply store. Have you done one of those? They are terrifying. 

The audience is full of serious artists who are hoping you'll tell them the next best thing in making art. And then they really zero in on you when you start to paint, expecting to see magic take place.

I NEVER finish art in 20 minutes.

As I began that day I did exactly what everyone who teaches about public speaking says not to do...I say right out to the crowd that I'm going to mess up and prove to them that I'm a fake. 

My eyes go blurry with nervousness and all I can see is my hand moving feverishly, dipping in saturated paint blob after saturated paint blob. The only thing I can see clearly is the time ticking by on the clock at break neck speed. Times up and I look at the eager faces. 

They are filled with awe and saying things like,
'You're amazing.'
'I wish I could do that'.

I look at the painting, blink a few times and see Orange Man looking back at me. I'm in awe too. 

How did I do it?

I did it cause I had previously spent many hours in my studio honing the skills of loose brushwork and bold colors. I didn't try a new technique that day. I went with what I knew and I will go to my grave saying I did it with my eyes closed. 

If live demos are something you see in your future I would suggest practicing speed painting.

You can start this week!  

Orange Man, Acrylics on Canvas, Charla Maarschalk

Author Charla Maarschalk

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