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Do You Paint Pictures and Tell Stories?

colorful painting lion shadow where i hide May 01, 2022

What does painting and story have in common?

Painting defined: the process or art of using paint, in a picture, as a protective coasting, or as a decoration.

Story defined: an account of imagery or real people and events told for entertainment.

You can paint a lion and it can either be a scientific study of a beautiful beast or it can tell a story. Story makes a painting worth stopping for. We've seen paintings of lions before, what makes this one unique? 

Consider these three elements: 

Focus. The face is created with detail and draws you in as the focus.

Thread. You're gaze then goes upwards to examine the thread work above the head. It resembles like stars and has the essence of a crown.

Brushwork. You then sweep down and feel the storm in the sweeping abstract brushwork of the beard that sweeps you back to the face. 

What story is this art piece telling you? Have you ever combined surreal elements or alternate mediums to tell a story in your art? 

The Shadow Where I Hide, Acrylic + Thread, by Charla Maarschalk 

Creativity awaits!


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