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The power of color temperature and painting without details by bold artist Charla Maarschalk, Bold School

Two ways color temperature can help tell a story

color blocking painting family story with color tell a story with paint Apr 17, 2022

Author Charla Maarschalk

Color blocking is using one color predominantly in one place. The transition of color in the painting below leads the viewer from the warm memories found in the face to the cool lonely places that wish to be in his presence again. 

Two challenges for this week.

01 Work with color blocking. Notice how this piece goes from orange to blue as you travel down the piece. The challenge lies in the space between the two color temperatures. How do you achieve this look from warm to cool without a stark line to between the two? 

02 Second part of the challenge is to paint from a vintage photograph that has very little detail. It forces you to be loose and tell a story without details. 

This photo is my grandfather. 


Gone By, Acrylics on Canvas, by Charla Maarschalk

Creativity awaits!


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