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To Give or Not to Give...Your Art Away

artist gifting art give art away Aug 19, 2022


You have decided you're going to put everything you got into your art. 

Practice every day. That's what you have to do to get good!

So you do. And guess what. Your art is improving. You lay it all out and you can see that every week your art is getting better and better. 

But there's a new problem. 

Your art is also piling up. Your studio is full. Full of amazing work. And, well, there's a fair share of people in your life and on social media that are singing the praises of this beautiful work. 

You've thought of entering into a show.
You've thought of posting your work for sale.
But then you think of the idea of giving your work away as presents.

A loved ones birthday is coming up and they have told you many times how proud they are of your talents.

You've thought up a wonderful, perfect idea.

You'll give them your art as a gift. After all, you'd most likely sell this for a few hundred dollars. In a few years it will be worth even more. They'd be thrilled you gave them not just a thoughtful gift, but also an expensive gift. 
You prepare it and wrap it with care. You invite them for dinner and offer your special gift at the end of the evening. They open it and with huge anticipation you look at their face...

...what is that funny expression? They look like they are straining to smile and unsure what to say? Is it because they are overcome with emotion? Or do you feel a tinge of awkwardness, like they may not really like it. 

Is it even possible that someone wouldn't want such a thoughtful, handmade, expensive gift? 


Many people in your life will want to own a piece of your work. But today we're getting honest and talking about the other side of that coin, not everyone will respond well to your work either!


Let's get into it on the Podcast, Click here to watch >

Keep creating, 


Creativity awaits!


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