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Who's Telling The Story?

o beauitful one story May 15, 2022


Who is the art for?
The artist?
Or the person that will hang it on their wall?

I suppose you can argue both.

Great art starts with you. The artist creates the work from somewhere deep inside of them. It's often about an experience or a belief system they hold. This makes the art extremely personal and to tell that story becomes a very vulnerable position to be held in.

Great art doesn't end with you. For art to be great it has to be seen. It has to be felt by someone else. 

Many artists shy away from showing their art because they don't want to have to verbally tell that story. 

So who gets to tell the story of the art? Maybe it's not the artist at all. Maybe the story lies with the person who hangs that art on their wall.  

This piece was created out of a deep spiritual experience that I had. I don't believe I could ever do the experience justice with explanation so I painted it. But the story doesn't end with me, there is another character in this story that will pick up the story where I left off. 

Are you open to putting your vulnerabilities on a canvas? I challenge you to take that into the studio this week. The story that first came to your mind is the one you can create from. 

O Beautiful One, Acrylic + Thread, by Charla Maarschalk

Author Charla Maarschalk

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