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Don't Tell Me I'm Not An Artist!

breastfeeding art colorful portrait famiy Apr 24, 2022

Author Charla Maarschalk

Is art supposed to be good? On one hand I hear, 'Anyone can make art!' and on the other hand I hear, 'Only the uber talented can make art.' 

IMO, neither are true.

Anyone can make art: Actually, anyone can use art supplies and make stuff just like anyone can get on a stage and sing a song. But just cause you put paint on a canvas doesn't mean you made art!

Only the talented can make art: Not true. Just about anyone can learn the skills and techniques necessary to make nice art. It's up to each person how much they want to learn and practice and make art that really matters. 

Disclaimer: There are uber talented, gifted people that are born to do one thing and that is to make art!! Yes they exist. 

Good art leads you through an experience without thinking about whether the art is good or not! 

When a singer begins singing they either transport you a place of experience or they pierce the air with a very distracting noise that makes your only thought be how to make them stop. A good song doesn't make you think about how it was written or what instruments are being used. It simply transports you through an intense experience that you want to do experience again and again. 

Good art should do the same. 

By Design, Acrylics on Canvas, by Charla Maarschalk

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