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Is Your Story Unheard? Let's Change That.

May 08, 2022


Risk can result in failure. Otherwise you'd need to use a word other than 'risk'. Creating art that restores hope in people, art that matters, art that people want to hang on their walls means you have to take risk. 

What's on the line? To start, failure and vulnerability. 

We've all learned, or attempted to learn, the classical structures of art. Elements such as different kinds of lines, negative space and how to mix a 'proper' skin tone. Many of those kinds of learnings simply attempt to recreate something we see within our natural realistic environment. But we, here at Bold School, are all about creating outside of those structures. 

Yes, it is indeed important to learn those old school ways as foundations to our work. We do believe in creating with excellence!  But how do you step beyond those rules and start creating art that makes you stop and explore it? You take a risk. 

For me, a few years ago, that was exploring embroidery on my canvas.

I risked failure because it may have been a terrible combination.

I risked vulnerability because as far as I knew no one had done this before. So if it was horrible the fault would be all mine. And it might mean I was a fake. 

I sold this piece just weeks after creating it. Someone wanted to hang it on their wall!! The risk paid off for me that time. 

What will you do to take a risk with your art? 

Author Charla Maarschalk

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