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Are All Sketchbooks Created Equal?

Author: Charla Maarschalk

I LOVE having 1000 different sketch books lying around and I dream of filling them up. Every blank page is filled with so much potential. And every incredible...

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Where Does a Art Come From?

Author: Charla Maarschalk

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know that I travelled to Kenya in early 2019. If you haven’t read, be sure to catch up on the stories I’ve...

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Are You an Online Learner?

Author: Charla Maarschalk

Where do you learn?

Some people go to university or college for their entire lives because they love to learn. Some people read a lot of books. Others Google...

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ART: What Makes a Masterpiece?

Author: Charla Maarschalk

Can I boldly state that I created a Masterpiece? 

Sometimes you just hit gold with one creative initiative.

// Does a Masterpiece have a story behind it? 

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