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Colorful portrait of young girl with embroidered flower by artist Charla Maarschalk

Compassion Makes the World Go Round

kenya siblings Apr 20, 2022


These siblings sat together waiting for their turn at a free medical clinic in an isolated village of Pokot, Kenya. 

Siblings stick together in Kenya. No matter how young, they look out for each other. It is a common sight to see a 5 year old carrying, on her hip, her two year brother or sister.

At first, it's startling. Your western mind might wonder where the parents are. This is not a matter of neglect but instead a matter of survival and a matter of love. They don't run off to play at the expense of their younger siblings.

They all run together. And as soon as one is in need of help they all stop to help. 

With a parental instinct you want to take them in hand to nurture and care for them. But that would be to no end as staying longer than a day is not an option there. 

The artist heart looks in awe at the beauty of the relationships. A photo in taken to remember it. A painting is created to further explore the depth and layers of their nurturing nature. 

*The reference photo for this image was taken by the artist during a trip to Kenya.

Ally, Acrylics + Thread, by Charla Maarschalk

Author Charla Maarschalk

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