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Trouble getting your portrait to come alive? Eyes hold tremendous power to communicate emotion. This bootcamp will teach you the keys to master the power of the eyes. 

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Expressive Portraits


Stop making faces that all look the same. Learn to paint unique eyes with emotion.

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I have gotten so much from every lesson I’ve taken in Bold School but this class was outstanding for me on many levels.

There were so many techniques that I have never tried nor considered. I absolutely love the palette. Thank you, Corey! I can’t wait to give this a try."

- Sandra Carr

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Master the Eye
The eyes are the window to the soul! Getting the eyes wrong in a painting can result in a portrait without life. Eyes communicate emotion, they make the viewer feel.  Learn to paint bold eyes and your portraits will come to life!  

By Corey Moortgat


Master the Eye
Your plan for making better art

Most artists get frustrated and confused when drawing an eye! Our preconceived ideas lead us to create eyes that are neither unique nor expressive. That can end right here today! There are some simple rules you can follow to draw an eye well. Once you understand the science and practice behind the execution, you'll soon be painting bold eyes effortlessly. This class includes exercises and a complete demo of an expressive face showcasing emotional eyes. 


  • Understanding the eye in a simple way
  • Common mistakes artists make
  • How to paint emotional eyes
  • Color Mixing
  • Complete an expressive portrait in real time
  • and more

This Bootcamp class includes a real-time step-by-step painting with artist and Bold School Mentor, Corey Moortgat, as well as much more!

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Raves Reviews
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


What a beautiful and insightful class!

I’ve watched it through and am excited to paint with so much more understanding of the eyes.

I love to watch you paint Corey and to soak up your wisdom. You’re an inspiration! Thank you for this class."

- Jess Dunleavy


This class is a MUST!

I've used the lessons learned here over and over. So appreciated the cheat sheet and examples of where things go wrong. Also loved the artistic license with having her cry...that alone has given me so many ideas for what to do on my own. Great class, thank you!"

- Shelley Koorbatoff



Corey Moortgat has her home base in Florida, USA. She has been a Bold School Mentor since spring 2020. With degrees in Fine Arts and Art Therapy, she has worked with a variety of media throughout her life.
In the past few years, her focus has shifted exclusively to acrylic painting, where she specializes in expressive, colorful portraiture. She's recognized for her ability to portray emotion in her work and inspire a powerful connection with her viewer. 

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