Compose your own reference image.

Stop wasting time in the studio - Build a dynamic portfolio - Make art that matter
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Expressive Portraits


Compose your own reference image.

Stop wasting time in the studio - Build a dynamic portfolio - Make art that matters

Series by Liz Ranney

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I love the pace of your teaching and that you’re able to tell us exactly what you’re thinking and why you’re making the changes you’re making.

My biggest Takeaway was the idea that the initial sketch didn’t need to be accurate and only provided a base. I loved how all the layers came together and made a more interesting painting in the long run. 

I know I will use your teachings in the future. This was a very worthwhile!!"

- Kimber Heineman

Dive into a world where painting and imagination become one. 


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Can you imagine composing a piece of art entirely from your own imagination without having to worry about copyrighted reference photos? Liz Ranney is the Canadian artist behind this piece. Her work unites expressive faces with elements of nature to create bold imagery.

Liz teaches the basic techniques of composition and shows you how to combine elements to make your own unique work, becoming less reliant on reference images and leaning more on your own imagination.


  • Apply rules of composition

  • Tell a story with visual elements

  • Add Florals to a portrait

  • Complete a Portrait Painting 

 This class follow Liz's Composition Basic Training called, Flow in Composition

Basic Training

Craft compositions that keep people coming back for more.
Too many artists leave their work up to fate and don't have a clear direction on how to compose a painting. 'Flow in Composition'  will help you create unique compositions that communicate the ideas behind your art and create engaging masterpieces. 


  • The fundamental rules of composition

  •  How to formulate your own reference image

  • Paint Sketching Technique 

Composition gives your work structure and plays a big role in how your work is perceived and understood.  A bad composition can lead a viewers eye off your canvas and onto the next one. A good composition will hold the viewers attention!

Get started with simple techniques to upgrade your composition skills and keep the viewer focused on YOUR work!


Liz Ranney

Liz Ranney is a painter, muralist, illustrator, and graphic designer living in the Okanagan Valley with her husband and two daughters. Her work is high energy with bright and bold color. She likes to explore visual stories and ideas of connection, interaction, expression, and beauty. Liz earned a BFA in Visual Arts at UBC Okanagan.

IG: @lizranneyart 

Other Works by Liz:

Student Gallery 


GREAT class, Liz! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching and how you walked us through coming up with our own dynamic compositions!

I'm really looking forward to putting these techniques into practice in my future paintings. Thank you so much. :)"

- Heather Beers


Wow that's a beautiful painting, your style is so amazing. I am looking forward to using everything you taught in my next painting as I do struggle with placement and never considered motion that unintentionally takes a viewers eyes off target before. 

Awesome tools, thanks for sharing them."

- Heather Leduc

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