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Soft Pastels Bootcamp

Immerse yourself in the candy world of soft pastels!


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 Soft Pastels Bootcamp

Immerse yourself in the candy world of soft pastels!
Expressive Portraits


Luzdy is such a special, kind, loving and patient person. I do not even know her personally, but she brings her true self forward by the way she presents her stunning bold colorful work.

Her step by step calm manner of presenting her classes is amazingly inspiring. "

- Elizabeth Senekal


Luzdy is brilliant.

Watching her paint with great preparation and careful instruction has taught me so much! “Don’t be too precious” (with an area on a painting) is forever firm in my mind. Luzdy is kind but also honest and oh so thorough! I love her mentoring style!"

- Sandra Carr

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What is the Soft Pastels Bootcamp?

Bold abstract color is not reserved for acrylic medium only! The soft pastel medium both competes with the vibrant and expressive colors of acrylic and collaborates with them too! When you learn how color works across multiple mediums you become a more confident artist in and out of the studio!

Join Luzdy Rivera in this comprehensive bootcamp as she guides you through the essentials of this time tested medium and shares invaluable techniques to elevate your pastel mastery!

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You'll Learn 

  • Old Masters + Contemporary Influences
  • Exploring Pastels & Surfaces
  • Materials, Tools, Cleaning & Safety
  • Mark-making & Underpainting
  • Composition
  • Profile Portrait Methods
  • and more!

Learn simplified processes so you don't get overwhelmed and your studio time becomes your favorite time!


Delve into the incredible world of soft pastel artistry. Discover the medium's rich history, explore diverse pastel types and surfaces, experiment with various mark-making techniques, essential equipment, safety guidelines, and so much more! 

Paint boldly with Pastels!

Pastels do not refer to pale tones of color.
Pastels are a dry medium used for both drawing and painting.

There is a great variety of colors in the pastel palette range that go from subtle colors to bold and brilliant ones. In fact, one of the most talked about characteristics of this medium is the amazing vibrancy of color! Pastels have a vibrant history dating back to the 16th century and are a major medium in fine art today.

By the end of this bootcamp, you’ll create captivating Pastel Paintings that resonate with abstract colors, visual textures, and captivating mark-making, and will have honed your mastery of the pastel medium itself!

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Luzdy Rivera is a bold portrait and figurative artist, from Puerto Rico, living in Massachusetts, USA. Luzdy's art is driven by human emotions through gestures, poses and expressions. Her use of color is intentionally bold, with visible texture, marks and brushstrokes. "I strive to create expressive and emotive art that is so much more than what I, as the artist, can see and feel, but more about what I can make others see, think and feel."

Luzdy has been a mentor with Bold School since 2021 and is a graduate of our premiere class, Bold Color Bootcamp. 

Other Works by Luzdy


Luzdy is always able to provide feedback that is relevant to the student’s current level of development. She highlights the positive, guides toward the need for correction where needed and finds just the right words to gently push to reach the next level once a student is ready for it.

She is a Master Mentor! "

- Elle McCarthy


Luzdy shares both her passion for art as well as her family 💕
Pairing her gifts with multiple mediums and encouraging monologues throughout each class brings a new level of confidence to students.
Luzdy’s choice of vibrant colours and her dynamic results are AWE INSPIRING!"

- Laurie Miller

Start Making Art That's More Like You!

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"Luzdy is such a very talented artist I love her work.

The way she comes across on camera as a teacher is so captivating I can and have watched her all day.

Each time gleaning new insights. As a mentor Luzdy knows how to build your weaknesses and expand your strengths so you fill in important skill gaps. She guides with empathy as she shares room for improvement. She has a great personality and has gained my trust and respect. "

- Charlotte Champlin

"Seeing Luzdy's body of work has drawn me deeper into the Bold School style and expanded my focus from just the face to figures as well.

She explains each new concept very clearly and critiques results with kindness never missing an opportunity to push you a little further each time.

Her feedback is always on point and feels like genuine mentoring, she wants my success as much as I do."

- Heather Leduc

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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