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Principles of Art

Understand the principles behind great works of art. Transcribe them into your work. Find your own voice.

Expressive Portraits

Principles of Art

Understand the principles behind great works of art. Transcribe them into your work. Find your own voice.

*These classes are available to Masterclass graduates as part of the  BoldMaster+ Membership.

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 Binge watched and headed straight to my studio.

Very easy to follow, excellent examples and descriptions of each.

I’m just getting started, so feel excited and enriched by this first touch with the program. Thank you!"

- Karen Sharbo

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Make your art the center of attention! 

Emphasis is what we call the focal point, the dominant element – where you want the viewer to stop and stay in your painting. It can be achieved in many ways and a painting can have one or multiple elements of emphasis. 

Contrast, Positioning, Convergence and The Unusual: Within those 4 categories you will also learn value, colors, hue, saturation, pattern& texture, size & proportion, centring, isolation, leading elements and the unexpected. 

You will learn: 

  • 4 Categories of Emphasis
  • All ways to achieve those 4 types of emphasis
  • Create mini sketches 

Put into practice the theory you learned using mini studies and successfully translate your ideas onto canvas!

This class is taught by Luzdy Rivera

Children and Likeness
A Full Painting demonstrating Emphasis

By Luzdy Rivera 

- Paint a Large Canvas
- Likeness
- Tetrad Color Scheme

*These classes are available to as part of Bold School Membership.

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Take Your Work From Static to Captivating

Are potential buyers taking one glance at your work but then moving onto the next piece? Creating movement in your pieces through abstraction, brushstrokes, and color placement allows you to control your viewer's experience. You have a story to tell, and there are tried and true practices you can use today to keep your viewer engaged. In three lessons, you will walk through twelve techniques that will finally add that life and excitement to your work! 

You will learn: 

  • Color techniques that create movement
  • Composition techniques that create movement
  • Subject selection techniques that create movement 

Learn how to captivate your viewer's eye. Keep their attention on your work so they will not be able to walk away. 

By Corey Moortgat

Creating Visual Movement

By Corey Moortgat 


*These classes are available to as part of Bold School Membership.

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Student Gallery 


I really enjoyed this class.

The thought process and sharing of this painting's journey is great...

Just what I needed today. Beautiful painting. I am once again inspired. Thank you so much."

- Mari Van Dyke


I've been in Bold School for three years. I've learned so much through all the mentors.

They keep creating great content, so helpful for me!"

- Lisa DuBois

Start making art that's more like you!


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