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Deepen your understanding of paint and color while expanding the road to creative freedom.

Learn how expression entices the viewer into the story.  Make art that gets attention. 

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Expressive Portraits


 Learn how  expression entices the viewer into the story.  Make art that gets attention. 

Corey Moortgat's Class Library  

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I’ve watched a lot of videos over last couple of years and have to say this is in my top 5!

Your skillfulness and articulation are unsurpassed.

Your transparency about the emotional inspiration for your work is both vulnerable yet BOLD. I use a lot of texture in my work and loved the treatment of your background. I struggle with seeing values but think your warm/ cool approach will help me. Thank you! "
- Lori Solymosi

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Long, loose, bold hair

Keys to painting unstructured features
By Corey Moortgat

Loosen your brushwork, paint hair
Do you find yourself painting every single strand of hair in your portraits?

Painting a face can be challenging but at least you have structures to build. Hair brings a new set of challenges as its structure is organic and hard to control. Corey will demonstrate how to break out of those old habits and find freedom and expression in painting hair! 


  • Loosen up your Brush Strokes

  • Expression & Form

  • Color & Mark Making

  • and more

Magenta Youth

Paint emotion using a bold magenta palette.

1. Get Access to the Class
2. Master emotion 
3. Create art that impacts the world 

Learn expressive portraits

There's more to a portrait than just the features of the face. There's a story there, a connection between the portrait subject and the viewer, emotions waiting to be shared. Join Corey as she uses expressive brushstrokes and color placement to capture those emotions while painting a portrait of a young man. Transform your artwork from simple portraits to expressive, meaningful works of art!


  • Painting Emotion
  • Expressive Brushstrokes
  • Texture
  • Bold Color Tips
  • and more

This intermediate class follows Bold School Mentor Corey Moortgat as she a creates a full painting in real-time. 

Rave Reviews
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Corey I love love your classes!

The way you explain things as you go and the thoughts. I really got a lot out of this time watching. 3rd time!! I picked up some things I need to apply and see if that will help me. Thank You so much."

- Pamela Marston


Watching Corey take a picture from beginning to the end is so interesting. She has an eye for the colors and where it works.

Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing your process. "

- Marjory Taylor

Stunningly Simple Braids

Paint important features without getting caught up in time consuming minute details.

Manage the details of hair without taking focus away from the face.  Join Corey as she paints braided hair demonstrating simple techniques that still allow the face to take center stage.  Then learn some optional abstraction techniques taking your portraits to a whole new level!


  • Painting Emotion
  • Expressive Brushstrokes
  • Palette Tips for Dark Skin
  • Abstraction
  • Blurring the Lines
  • and more

This intermediate class follows Bold School Mentor Corey Moortgat as she a creates a full painting in real-time. 

Paint a Hand

Have you ever examined the complexity of a hand? Each hand has numerous bones, muscles, and tendons, which, when combined with movement and positioning, can pose a real artistic challenge! 

Understanding its structure will help you to grasp the unique poses of the hand.

This class explores basic techniques helpful for painting and drawing hands. Looking at the underlying structure of a hand will give you an understanding of the intricate shapes and values necessary to render them. By the end you will also complete a full portrait!


  • Underlying Structure
  • Intricate shape make simple
  • Purple Color Scheme Secrets
  • Full portrait painting
  • and more

This intermediate class follows Bold School Mentor Corey Moortgat as she a creates a full painting in real-time. 


Corey, I loved your class to the fullest! I love all the intensity of emotion and expression in art pieces. Every detail, amazing eyes and body language speaks directly to the heart. I am so happy to have gotten familiar to your work, to you and to have participated in this class."

- Julia Barrancotto


I really enjoy your teaching style! So calm and encouraging. I can’t wait to try incorporate some of these techniques!!! I’ve always been such a tight painter so I’m looking forward to trying and hopefully achieving the loose style you have. Such beautiful work!!!"

- Darla Peterson


Thank you Corey, it's an awesome class with a beautiful palette. I am grateful for your insights and it's a joy to watch you paint. Looking forward to the eyes and hands classes. Thank you."

- Gloria Monteleone

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These intermediate classes are pre-recorded in video series. We offer each lesson in a real-time (which means very little time lapse footage), step-by-step painting with bold color portraits artist, Corey Moortgat. 

If you are looking for bold color foundational teaching  you can consider taking Bold Color Primer followed by our intensive course called Bold Color Bootcamp found inside Bold Color MasterClass.

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Community Support
Instant access to our 'Discussions' which are found underneath each lesson within the course modules. This is great place to ask questions directly related to that lesson. 

Private Community interaction with feedback from Bold School team members and even more importantly, peer mentoring.

Bold School art mentors are available during specific hours to offer guidance and critique.

Bold School Art Teacher, Corey Moortgat



Corey Moortgat is based in Florida, USA. She has been a Bold School Mentor since spring 2020. With degrees in Fine Arts and Art Therapy, she has worked with a variety of media throughout her life.

In the past few years, her focus has shifted exclusively to acrylic painting, where she specializes in expressive, colorful portraiture. She's recognized for her ability to portray emotion in her work and inspire a powerful connection with her viewer. 

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