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Take the mystery out of creating meaningful art.

Stop wasting time in the studio, Build a dynamic portfolio, Make art that matters!

Series by Charla Maarschalk

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Expressive Portraits


 Stop wasting time in the studio - Build a dynamic portfolio - Make art that matters

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Binge watched, of course! BUT I was fascinated by your description of how you hold your brushes and which angle you use for each stroke by seeing the shapes in the point of lights on the reference picture before making a mark on the canvas.

I reviewed that part of the video many times and even wrote down your description to be able to learn how to do it on my next portrait. That was my BIG takeaway!"

- Mary-Ellen Lee

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Thank you Charla. I did binge watch. How could I not? I had to see what you were going to do with the area bugging you.

You successfully demonstrated 'to not give up' as well as 'no fear' to make what might seem like radical changes to areas/colors that aren't working quite right.

That really sunk in and has helped me already. Great class. Thank you again."

- Mari Van Dyke

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Bold School Teacher, Charla Maarschalk


Stop painting a face.

Start telling a story.

Make art that impacts those who see it. 

Bold School art class, painting wrinkles

Stop using lines to paint wrinkles. Do more than just recreate a reference. Make art that impacts those who see it. 

Use the language of color and brushwork to tell a story. Don't just paint a face. For many artists painting is what happens with you put brush to canvas. But we must do more than recreate a reference image. We must be able to use structure, skills and our unique expression to put a story on canvas.

Sometimes we know the story before we start and sometimes the painting tells us the story. Charla will demonstrate how she not just chooses her colors and stokes but how she also makes space for the piece to evolve as she works.  


  • Painting wrinkles with depth

  • Tell a story with color

  • Details without Realism

  • Evaluating your work

  • Narrow your focus


Break every old habit of matching color.

Bend color to your will. 


Learn to paint with every color of the rainbow
Bold color is all about the rainbow so why not paint the entire color spectrum on a face? This class will challenge your ability to control color and help you break the old habits of realism, blending and tight brushwork. 


- Color Mixing Strategy

- Control your Color Palette

- Loosen up your brush strokes

- Paint entire portrait in real-time

- Troubleshooting and Analyzing your process 

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Instant access to our 'Discussions' which are found underneath each lesson within the course modules. This is great place to ask questions directly related to that lesson. 

Private Community interaction with feedback from Bold School team members and even more importantly, peer mentoring.

Bold School Mentors are available during specific hours to offer guidance and critique based on class work inside our community.



For bold color foundational teaching before starting this class you you will need our intensive course called Bold Color Bootcamp, also included found inside the Bold School Bundle. 

Our entire library of Classes is included in Bold School Membership: 

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These intermediate classes are pre-recorded in video series. We offer each lesson in a real-time (which means very little time lapse footage), step-by-step painting with bold color portraits artist, Charla Maarschalk. 

Bold School Founder, Charla Maarschalk



Charla Maarschalk is a Canadian painter who specializes in painting large, bold color, gestural faces. She has been a creative all her life working in the graphic arts as well as photography. 

Charla has taught art almost as long as she has practiced it and has aquired a large online following. You can see some of her work below. Check out her online portfolio at and follow her on social media. 

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