Episode 01 Guest: Charla Maarschalk

Season #1

We’re here at Episode 01 of Season 01 of the Bold Artist Podcast!

There’s so much more than the pilot episode could express that it was only fitting that Charla Maarschalk is also our very first guest here in Episode 01.

In this show we are going to find out how Charla became the masterful bold color portrait painter that she is, how and why she founded Bold School, and hear her message of why you’re created to make art, how powerful your art is, and why you need to share it.

A few things Charla shares about:

  • How she transitioned from applied arts to fine arts
  • The bravery it took to start painting for a living
  • How and why she started Bold School Inc
  • What she hopes for her students
  • Why YOUR art is important and you need to share it with others

This show is found both on Bold School YouTube Channel and your favorite audio podcast apps. Find us on Instagram at @boldartistpodcast to keep up with the news and upcoming artists.









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