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Episode 02 Guest: Luzdy Rivera

Season #1

We've made it to Episode 02 of the Bold Artist Podcast! 

In this episode you’ll meet portrait and figurative artist Luzdy Rivera of Massachusetts USA. Luzdy’s story is one about pursuing freedom to paint how and what she wants to paint, not what everyone else expects. 

Some highlights of this episode include Luzdy sharing:

  • her freedom story
  • how she approaches her color palette with both a mix of planning and intuition
  •  how one of her bigger breakthroughs comes from understanding values
  • ways you can be empowered in your art by knowing “Everyone has their gift and their unique voice that people need and that they can share with the world.”

Find more about our guest artist Luzdy Rivera and our hosts Marijanel and Charla on their websites and Instagram and be sure to check out Bold School and the online courses offered inside this world changing community.










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