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Episode 07 Guest: Adam Meikle

Season #1

Welcome to Episode 06 of the Bold Artist Podcast! 

We are happy to introduce Adam Meikle, who is a talented artist, entrepreneur and risk taker from British Columbia, Canada. Adam tells the story of how he opened his storefront studio and bravely welcomes spectators to see his work in progress. A few years later he opened a café adjacent to his studio where he boldly speed-paints for commission clients while they enjoy a dining experience. In this interview Adam shows us how he takes brave steps into the unknown as an artist.


Some highlights of this episode include Adam sharing:


  • How he opened a storefront studio 
  • How he welcomes the community to see unfinished work
  • How he started an art café adjacent to his studio
  • How he speed paints in front of commission clients
  • How he approaches his pallet and brushstrokes boldly

Find more about our guest artist Adam Meikle and our hosts Marijanel and Charla on their websites and Instagram and be sure to check out Bold School and the online courses offered inside this world changing community.













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