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Episode 06 Anatomy and the Artist

Season #1

Episode 06 - Bold Artist Podcast

It’s the season in October where you see spooky skulls and skeletons! How does this pertain to your art? Our hosts Marijanel and Charla Maarschalk reclaim and reframe the frame! That’s right, the skull and skeleton will take on a whole new life-giving meaning after today's show, and you’ll also see the importance of studying the frame to empower your portrait and figurative artwork.

Charla shares what’s behind her body of work where she incorporated skeletal figures into portrait paintings. We show those unique paintings and uncover the mystery behind why she painted them.

Marijanel tells about the difference between inspiration and quick study and why your dedication to study transforms your artwork.



-how portraits start with the bones

- how the skeleton represents life not death

- why Charla painted a collection of skeletal inspired work

- what is an artists quick study

-why Bold School is offering a “Start with the Skull” mini class

Find more about Charla and Marijanel on their websites and Instagram and be sure to check out Bold School and the online courses offered inside this world changing community.







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