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BONUS Episode Guest: Shandra Smith

Season #1

Welcome to a bonus episode of the bold artist podcast. This is Black Friday 2021 and this interview is featured only here on our audio apps, that’s right, this one is not on YouTube. 

We wanted to give a little extra special bonus here in audio world. 

You’re going to get the treat of hearing an interview with bold artist Shandra Smith of Kelowna, BC who is an abstract and colorful surface designer and artist who has licensed her work and collaborated with large corporations to see her art as murals on hotel walls and merchandise.


Shandra and our host Marijanel talk about everything from rejection and comparison, to how Shandra continues to make art through chronic pain. They also touch on the advice Shandra would give on how to start licensing (if that’s what you hope for in your art) and Shandra also shares with us her secret to approaching art with play.


We hope you enjoy this bonus audio!










Licensed Epidemic Music: ES_Emelie by Mondays, ES_Pullulate (Sting Version) - Aoroa