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Episode 12 Guest: Anita McComas

Season #1

Here we are at Episode 12 of the Bold Artist Podcast! 

We are delighted to introduce Anita McComas of Kelowna BC, Canada. In this episode we will hear about Anita’s journey from realism in portraits and landscapes into bold color wildlife art. Anita will also tell us how one of the most hurtful insults given to her by another artist propelled her to paint bolder and brighter than ever before with her spirit to rise above rejection.

In this inspirational talk we will hear about Anita’s process of retaining rights to wildlife photography for reference images and how she plans her paintings. Anita is all about “putting it out there” so prepare for an inspirational talk that will leave you ready to make bold steps in your art. We will also laugh about a few startling true stories of Anita and Marijanel meeting bears face to face in the wild!

Some highlights of this episode include Anita sharing how:

  • A hurtful insult resulted in her rising above rejection

  • She shifted from realism into bold color art

  • It took her many years to find her preferred subject matter 

  • The story behind an art piece that changed everything


Find more about our guest artist Anita McComas  and our hosts Marijanel and Charla on their websites and Instagram and be sure to check out Bold School and the online courses offered inside this world changing community.










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