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Ep. 25/ Comparison. Good art vs bad art

Season #1

Comparison, it has been said, is the thief of joy. So, why are we all guilty of comparing ourselves to other artists? And here’s a question: do you ever compare yourself to artists who have fewer skills than you do yourself? Not if you are like me, you don’t. 

 Today on the Bold Artist podcast, Newfoundland bold color artist, Adam Young, talks about how life in the Maritimes affects his artwork. His best advice to other artists? Don’t compare yourself to anyone else! 


Some highlights of this episode include Adam sharing how:

  • life’s big decisions can affect your artwork
  • he focuses on design elements in his painting
  • there are advantages to working from memory
  • art is not a selfish occupation.

Find more about our guest artist Adam Young and our hosts Marijanel and Charla on their websites and Instagram and be sure to check out Bold School and the online courses offered inside this world-changing community.















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