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Ep. 26/ Pushing Past the Limits in Art

Season #1

This week on the Bold Artist Podcast, we are fortunate to hear from Dutch artist, Heico Basten. Now living in Sweden with his family, Heico recently decided he wanted a change in his approach to painting. He could paint the way he always had, but he wanted to try something new. What did Heico do? Tune in to find out!

Some highlights of this episode include Heico sharing how:


  • His focus changed in his art practice 
  • His father made a significant contribution to his artistic future
  • Neither age nor time are barriers to the practice of art
  • He believes in challenging himself in his practice


Find more about our guest artist, Heico Basten, and our hosts, Marijanel and Charla, on their websites and Instagram, and be sure to check out Bold School and the online courses offered inside this world-changing community.


















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