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Ep 29 // How an Artist Paints Visually Impaired

Season #1

Painter, Arnold Plasencia, says that when you love something, you will find a way. In Episode 29 of the Bold Artist Podcast, Arnold speaks about the joy painting brings him and his desire to never lose that feeling. He says we all deserve to do what we love. He also is an artist who is experiencing macular degeneration as a result of living with Stargardt Disease. Be inspired by Arnold on this week’s episode of the Bold Artist Podcast. 

Some highlights of this episode include Arnold sharing how:


  • He is walking through his diagnosis of Stargardt Disease
  • He sets up his workspace to assist his painting
  • Other artists’ stories offer hope
  • Changing how he did things as a painter was transformative
  • Love finds a way

Find more about our guest artist, Arnold Plasencia, and our hosts, Marijanel and Charla, on their websites and Instagram, and be sure to check out Bold School and the online courses offered inside this world-changing community.









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