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Ep 63 // ADHD and the Artist // Melissa Nasby

Season #2

The ADHD artist struggles with moving their work forward because of distractions. Artist, Melissa Nasby, found a key to completing her work which may seem obvious but definitely isn’t easy. Melissa learned that the better she understood herself, the better she could adapt her art practice for success. How did she come by this knowledge? She learned by exploring new mediums and staying open to play as she created. In episode 63 of the Bold Artist Podcast, Melissa explains exactly how she uses this knowledge about life with ADHD to adapt and become a more creative and productive artist. 


  • Artists with ADHD experience several common characteristics: you can use the parts of you which make you unique to benefit your art practice
  • The importance of play and making a mess to developing art skills
  • There is no one-size fits all approach to art. Learn to adapt for success.

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