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Ep 67 // Change your Career (How to Pursue Art)

Season #2

Life is full of transitions. It is inevitable that we move from one part of life to another. As people, those changes help show us who we are and what matters to us. As artists, each transition is food for our art practice. Where we were yesterday can be the art we create today. Former naval officer, Kristin Cronic, has experienced this. On Episode 67 of the Bold Artist Podcast, she talks to Marijanel about how the transitions of her own life show up in her artwork, and how all of it has helped her to become successful in her art business. 


  • Hard times can illuminate the path to your next calling
  • One thing leads to another - tossing out seeds builds an art career 
  • Thinking outside the box in your art career – and accepting the challenge when someone else thinks outside the box for you!

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