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Ep. 74 // Marijanel's Art Challenge

Season #2

Welcome to Episode 74 of the Bold Artist Podcast! This week, Marijanel Knight has a list of challenges for you designed to strengthen your daily practice – and make you a better artist!


  • The key to improving your art skills
  • Expanding your horizons
  • Take the challenge! 


EP.33 Artist Liz Ranney Bold Artist Podcast


  1. Sketch a series of facial expressions, capturing different emotions in simplification
  2. Look outside a window and sketch the scene you see
  3. Sketch a figure in motion in dynamic poses and capture the gestures made
  4. Draw yourself as a child wearing a favorite outfit and bouncing on a trampoline
  5. Draw a scene from a movie that inspired you
  6. Draw a night scene lit only by car headlights and street lamps
  7. Draw a child asleep in a car
  8. Draw your house from an aerial view
  9. Draw your favorite animal
  10. Create a painting with a color palette you don’t normally use
  11. Draw a wildlife symphony featuring various animals from different habitats 
  12. Draw a deepsea landscape
  13. Draw a sunset in the desert
  14. Create a series of sketches representing the four classical elements – earth, air, fire, water
  15. Draw a silhouette
  16. Draw the last picture saved on your phone
  17. Draw a Cover for your favorite book or music album
  18. Draw your safe place
  19. Draw a picture using only geometric shapes
  20. Draw an image using a single, continuous line. Do not lift your pencil from the paper. 

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