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We believe that everyone can transform their creative journey into freedom!

We exist for those who want to create- those who know there is more to art than making something pretty, those who know there is more to life than just making a living. 

>  Our Mission

When artists learn to harness the powerful force that lives inside of them it manifest meaningful art and has the power to restore hope in the people who hold that art. 


+ We believe art is important

+ We believe good art is important

+ We believe art is powerful

+ We are created to create

+ We challenge Traditions

+ We learn rules

+ We break rules

+ We believe art shouldn't match your pillows

+ We believe art can affect change



Who We Are


Bold School is a transformational online space that helps artists to find their creative purpose, gather courage, and master their craft.

Our global community of artists learn from top instructors in a supportive online space.

As an artist, you've been created to create. You have a unique ability to reach people's minds and hearts, and a responsibility to give your gift to the world.

Do you love to create?  Get started today!

Bold School HQ is set in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. 

Our Team Members are: 


We believe in generously sharing our knowledge and skills. 


We create bold colorful art for our community and the world. 


We are life long learners who create new things and share what we learn. 

The Team

// Corey Moortgat, Mentor and instructor.

// Axel Martinez, Mentor and instructor.

// Luzdy Rivera, Mentor and instructor.

// Marijanel is mentor to our instructors, our Podcast Producer and host, as well as an instructor with Bold School. 

// Liz Ranney, Mentor and instructor. 

// Leigh leads our artist support space. She also is a contributor to our blog: All Thing Art. 


The Best of Bold School

These are the people that drive are when, what, where and how.

Ready to paint?