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Ep 28 // Who Decides if Art is Good?

Season #1

How many times has someone told you art has to look a certain way? Have you ever heard someone say, “You can’t do it like that?” Well, this week on the Bold Artist Podcast, Christie Keele and Marijanel Knight talk about why that may not be the case. Tune in this week to hear what artist, Christie Keele, has to say. 


Some highlights of this episode include Christie sharing how:


  • One creative expression built upon another to lead her to painting
  • She personalizes her art at the conclusion of each piece
  • finding and expressing your own authentic voice is important to creation
  • The finishing touches on a piece of art really allow an artist to express their unique creative vision.


 Find more about our guest artist, Christie Keele, and our hosts Marijanel and Charla on their websites and Instagram and be sure to check out Bold School and the online courses offered inside this world-changing community.










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