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On-demand Art Classes & Mentorship

Break Out of Traditional Creative Boxes and into Bold Color Expression.

On-demand Art Classes & Mentorship

Break Out of Traditional Creative Boxes and into Bold Color Expression.

Bold Color Online Art Class, Bold School

Charla and her team have created a virtual school with all of the benefits of an in-person art school,

but where I can proceed at my own pace and repeat classes if I wish. I don't think there is anything missing from Bold School that one could have at an actual institution - except maybe the traffic and the commute!!! I absolutely love it!!"

 - Jacqui

Thank you all so very much. I watch your classes over and over.

They keep my hope of creating alive and refreshed. 

I can’t thank you enough!"

- Renee

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Discover How to Bring Meaning to Your Work. 

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Master Bold Color

Your Complete Guide to Mastering Bold Color Expression.

Start your creative journey with a bundle of our three premiere classes. This collection combines our top three classes, taking you from basics to bold, expressive painting. Whether you're a beginner or want to refine your skills, this bundle offers a straightforward path to boost your creativity.
Bold Color Online Art Class, Bold School

13 Lessons  .  All Skill Levels

Bold Color Online Art Class, Bold School

39 Lessons  .  All Skill Levels

Bold Color Online Art Class, Bold School

38 Lessons  .  All Skill Levels 

  From fundamentals to foundations, honing your skills is the fast track to creating beautiful art that even you won't believe came from your easel! 

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 Bold Membership

Immerse yourself in an extensive library of classes, enjoy ongoing mentorship, and engage in purposeful avenues of implementation, including challenges, live events, and more. Our community is designed to provide continuous learning opportunities and a supportive environment for your educational journey.

Class Library

Continue skillbuilding and choose from introductory to advanced lessons in our Library of Classes, Workshops, or recorded Events. 


Our live events range from Class Q&A's to workshops to Meet & Greets where you can supplement your learning or just hang out with like-minded artists. 



Build on everything you're learning and take your skills further with Challenges and events designed to push your learning beyond class lessons. 

Community is the New Social Media!

If you've taken the MasterClass (Or Bootcamp) and want to join BoldMaster+, click the button below and submit your request to our Artist Support Team. 

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 Membership includes Mentorship

Our three Core Mentors cultivate a nurturing space for artistic development.Collaboratively, these mentors construct a supportive framework, skillfully guiding artists through a labyrinth of inspiration, technique, and self-discovery embedded within our dynamic membership community. This mentorship program is designed to enrich your artistic journey with educational support and valuable insights.

Our Class Library has classes from 7 unique teachers.

Art IS exciting...and it IS a LIFE LONG journey. It does not happen over months or years.

Such a great reminder. Thank you for your support and words.

You have such a great message.
You make me smile!"

 - Nansea

Thank you Charla.

Your passion for your art is so infectious, it brought me to tears.

For too many years I have dabbled in my art, too fearful to really be vulnerable and find my message or my unique style.
As a young person, I too was told that you couldn't make a living out of art and to get a real job. And so I did but art crept its way in as I became an art teacher. Teaching art in school is one thing, discovering my own art is another.

Now is the time to open up this gift God has given me and share it with the world.

Thank you again. ❤"

-Maureen Wise


 Library of 30+ Classes

When you join with a Membership Plan, you will gain access to our entire class library created by 7 different instructors. Our library includes a variety of subject matter, mediums and skill levels. 

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*Class Library is available with Membership.

Let's get in the studio and start making art that you love and art that people want to hang on their walls. 

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Charla Maarschalk Art Teacher, Bold School


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Choose a Membership Plan.  Join with Community and learn with a cohort of artists just like you. 

Bold Art Mastery

Watch the classes, spend time in your studio practicing new skills and share your work for critique in our community. 

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Becoming a master is possible. You just need guidance and practice. Get Access and start gathering supplies!

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At Bold School, we love the traditional color wheel, but Bold School is all about reinventing the Color Wheel - changing the paradigm of Color Theory - so that you can make better art.

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I'm proud to be a student with Bold School.

It's been an amazing journey.

I finally found realism blended with my hyper color style. It's been amazing"

- Amanda

I'm a completely self-taught painter. I've taken all sorts of online courses and use acrylic, oil and oil pastels for said paintings...I just couldn't find the right style that felt like 'me'.

I took a gamble that Bold was where I wanted to go. It was a correct choice.

Not only has the bold color aspect been what I was missing, but the emphasis on VALUE...

...was the key I needed.

The. Key! To the entire thing. Your Bootcamp course has done it. It's created the perfect foundation for me for pursuing this style. I'll be able to make this style my own as I open up more and get far looser.

- Mark

Art Matters.
Your Art Matters.

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Charla Maarschalk Art Teacher, Bold School

I’m Charla Maarschalk

Artist, educator, and director

I’m a bold color artist who believes that all artists carry power to impact and change the world through their art.