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embroidered pink flower on acrylic flower

The Meaning Behind the Expression

easter lion truthteller Apr 14, 2022


Easter is bunnies and chocolate. Watching kids expressions when they find a hidden egg is what we live for on Easter weekend. Bold, colorful eggs and easter dresses are everywhere. Mix in some spring sunshine and flowers, and everything is picture perfect. 

But something is missing. 

Meaning. Why go through all the trouble? 

It's like being in the studio. You gather your paint tubes filled with delicious colors. The easel is set and you smear those beautiful colors onto the canvas.

To what end? What will its purpose be? 

The reason Easter even became a thing was the remembrance of a man who saved the world through incredible sacrifice, unto death. The story goes that he rose from the dead and overcame death. It's a powerful story of redemption, hence the beautiful symbolism of new life in spring. The meaning is rich, dark, yet overwhelmingly beautiful. 

Your art can be that way. Skill mixed with expression can create art with deep meaning that can restore hope in the people who see it. 

FORMULA: Skill + Expression + Meaning = Hope Restored


Truthteller, Acrylics on Linen, by Charla Maarschalk

Author Charla Maarschalk

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