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Artist Spotlight: Luzdy Rivera

acrylic painting artist spotlight bold artist bold school figure painting luzdy rivera portrait painting Sep 29, 2021

Luzdy Rivera was among the first bold artists to sign up for our inaugural course, Bold Color Bootcamp! And she's become a favorite around here. Her beautifully bold personality is the perfect parallel to the palettes of her work. 

See for yourself in this self portrait: 

Selfie - Luzdy Rivera


Let's get to know Luzdy. 

Q. What kind of art medium and subject matter are you focused in right now? Have you studied other kinds of art? 

A. I mostly use Acrylics, although I make studies here and there with charcoal and soft pastels. I focus on portraits and figures – particularly those that portray gestures and emotions which can create a narrative and a story to the viewer. 

I Will Not Give Up - Luzdy Rivera

Q. Why did you become an artist?

A. I became an artist to follow a natural passion and love for creativity. I’ve explored different art forms such as music, arts and crafts, photography and painting. I find that art energizes me, heals me, empowers me, and shapes who I am and why and how I do things in life.

Q. Tell us about the moment you decided to make art a part of your life. (Whether just for fun or professionally)

A. Wow, I would say art decided to make me part of it! I recall from very early in my childhood being enchanted by the different forms of art, particularly with music and painting. It was always something I did here and there as part of my life, but I could say that around the year 2014 I remember wanting to start painting in a more consistent and professional way, In my search for inspiration I was very drawn to fauvism and expressionism – I knew I loved the use of bold colors. Besides some old masters, I discovered an artist called VOKA that really spoke to my aesthetic. I also discovered Charla’s work and was very inspired by her use of bold color. Little did I know at that time that the future would hold me joining her Bold Color Bootcamp and getting to know her more closely!

Q. Tell us about your art education. Did you study art at school? A self-learner? A life-long learner? Do you learn online? 

A. I have been a self and life-long learner. I did not go to art school, however, I did take a short one-month class at the School of Arts in Puerto Rico and then after that, Charla’s Online Bold Color Bootcamp.

Q.  As an artist, describe yourself in one word.

A. Courageous – in trying new things, making a difference, and creating intentional pieces that provoke emotion to the viewer.

Q. Is there a person or moment that inspires/inspired meaning in your life?

A. My parents, both my mom and my dad, have always inspired meaning in my life. They are exemplary in many ways. I could write a book just on this topic, but I could summarize it into they showed me what being confident and having perseverance meant in every aspect of my life. Nowadays, there is also someone else who inspires meaning in my life, and that is my daughter, Sky. She is a miracle baby that was born a preemie at 25 weeks old and now is thriving, growing up too fast, and teaching me what it is and how it looks to have strength, determination, and joy for life. 

QDo you have a creative tool that you can’t live without? Tell us what it is and why you love it. 

A. I would say that for a good period of time I have found that, in addition to my brushes, the color shapers and wedges are essential to my work!

Q. Do habits help or hinder creativity? Or do you work only when inspiration hits? 

A. I think habits do both help and hinder creativity. I feel that although habits maximize use of time and can make us more productive and sometimes less frustrated, breaking a routine or acting more organically helps to develop more skills that are new, and also helps open the mind to unexpected ideas and outcomes.

Hunter of Love - Luzdy Rivera

Q. What advice would you give an artist who is picking up a paintbrush for the first time? 

A. You can achieve your ultimate desired outcome if you put your heart, energy, and effort to it. Persevere and believe in yourself!

Q. How do you know when an artwork is complete? 

A. This is such a good question! With painting, you can go on and on if you decide to! I know when an artwork is complete when I get tired of working on it or even looking at the painting. I know that sounds strange, but it is finished once I know that I have achieved most of what the piece called for. That can happen in one hour, two days -- it depends. I start feeling like I need to let it go and be! I have learned that my mind and even my body will let me know the piece is finished!

I Hear You - Luzdy Rivera

Q. Tell us 3 artists that inspire you right now? (Can be any medium or format, ex. A musician or writer)

A. VOKA, Jamel Akib, Jacob Dhein - All of them use a combination of abstraction, looseness in their brushstrokes, and amazing use of colors. I can’t leave Charla out, she continues to inspire me as well!

Q. How do people connect with you, personally, through social media? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website, YouTube, etc)

A. People connect with me personally through social media in Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you!
Thank you Luzdy for being so open with us about your work and process!! 

Are you inspired? 
We've got even more for you! Luzdy is one of our first guests to appear on the Bold Artist Podcast. You can get to know a little more about her while listening on any podcast app or watching on our YouTube channel


Awakening Intuition - Luzdy Rivera

Creativity awaits!


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