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artist Charla Maarschalk

Art that Changes the World

bold artist create sharing your art Nov 05, 2021

Dare to Create.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to make things.
She made lots of things, and it was fun. 

Every day she'd make new things and then learn how to make them better, but no one ever saw these beautiful things. 



One day she decided to take the beautiful things she made and put them outside so others who walked by might see them. 

Because she put her work outside, a passerby who was feeling very lonely that day saw her beautiful, bright and colorful work. The beauty stirred the passerby's heart and gave them hope of a brighter day. 

Because of that wonderful stirring, the passerby had an idea. They knocked on the door of the artist and asked if they could take the artwork home as a way to be reminded every day of their new hope. 

Finally, the girl saw purpose in her work; a purpose that was outside of her own joy. Finally, the beautiful things that were inside of her were out for the world to see. 
Finally, the beautiful things were able to change world. 




Author: Charla Maarschalk

Photography: Apryl Stead



Creativity awaits!


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