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Purple, magenta Rhino and child painting by Charla Maarschalk

Art is just decoration.

decorative art dynamic painting powerful art purpose of art rhino child painting Apr 12, 2022

Author Charla Maarschalk

We build walls. We think they protect us. But often they keep us out of the very things we need which is love and companionship. And love and relationship require vulnerability. 

Art breaks down those walls. When we view art, whether you know it or not, we treat it like a song or a movie. We sit back, relax and we let down our walls. With walls down we can fully immerse ourselves into the experience. That is why music has power to transport us and movies can make us scream in terror and cry tears we would never allow others to see. 

What does this art evoke in you? Is it just pretty? Does it match your pillows? Or is it stirring something in that place they call the heart? 

Art holds power. How will you use it? 

Armor Bearer, Acrylics on Canvas, Charla Maarschalk

Creativity awaits!


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