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Author: LM Penner

Ergonomic Art Tools

art art practice ergonomic art products health Feb 17, 2022


There is a physical component to art practices that may cause strain on the human body. Here is a list of some really cool ergonomic products which could be used to benefit and extend your art career. Although it is exciting to know these products exist, if you are experiencing an issue with your health there is no substitute for a doctor's recommendations. We are happy to present this list, but we are not health professionals. All information contained in this list should only be used in conjunction with a doctor's recommendations.


1. Egg Pencil Grips.

Do your fingers have a hard time gripping the small surfaces of pencils or brushes? These slip onto the pencil or brush and are easy to grip, soft and squishy to the touch, comfortable, and increase fine motor skills and control. They were originally invented by a doctor, and some of them are even created for lefties!

2. Chairs

There are many ergonomic chairs on the market. The best way to find the one that is right for you is by trying them out. You want to look for a chair that has good lumbar support, a backrest that supports your entire back, adjustable features a healthy seat height, and armrests spacious enough to rest your elbow comfortably. Some great options are the DX Racer, the Steelcase Leap chair, the Modway Edge Mesh chair, or the Garylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair. Each of these chairs has features designed for particular issues, such as lumbar support or neck support.

3. Standing Stools. 

For people who have difficulties sitting for long periods of time, a great alternative is a Leanrite Elite Standing Stool. These stools allow you to work standing up while leaning in a healthy way which allows you to maintain good posture and minimize fatigue.  

4. Footrests

Much like chairs, there are a wide variety of footrests available to purchase.  Using a footstool assists in using correct posture while sitting. Some products rock slightly, promoting motion while sitting for extended periods and some promote circulation. Be sure to get one that is adjustable. Some even offer a massage feature. For an inexpensive option, check out the Mind Reader Rest from Amazon, and if you are interested in spending a bit more, look into the Humanscale Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest.

5. Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest. 

This product is made from memory foam and is designed to fit a palm and wrist. This rest is not only comfortable, but it will also ease wrist pain from repetitive use. Perfect for graphic artists. 

6. Adaptive and Easy Grip Paint Brushes

The brushes are offered in a variety of brands, in multiple styles and sizes. Although they are still durable, they have a soft grip which makes them more comfortable and easy to hold.

These are only a few of the interesting products on today's market. You can also get armrests and pads, kneeling chairs, core-strengthening pilates balls and active sitting stools, adjustable desks, adjustable easels, standing desks, and a wide variety of other items. Many of these possibilities can be purchased at your art supply store or even on Amazon. Or, speak to a physiotherapist or doctor for product recommendations from an expert.

Creativity awaits!


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