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Abstract bold colorful portrait by Charla Maarschalk, The Kiss

Go backwards or dance! What's your choice?

abstraction artist and change realism Apr 12, 2022

Author Charla Maarschalk

 A departure is necessary when you want to break away from old patterns. Though I worked for years to put distance between myself and realism I still found ways to pick up that tiny brush and paint fine details. I even found ways to use the corners of my one inch brush to create fine lines. 

Though fine details are not negative, I wanted my work to push more towards abstraction. I wanted to leave a lot of details up to the viewer to fill in. The piece below represents a defining moment in my career when I realized I could do it.

I can't say I achieved the goal once and for all. Many works following this piece took me back to details but because I had once reached the goal I found peace in knowing I could do it again. When I go back to realism I don't view it as steps backwards, it has become a dance, between realism and abstraction, that I enjoy. 

With the risk of sounding egotistical I do in fact often have to go look at my very own art wall and talk myself into believing that I actually created that great piece and I can do it again.  Do you use your own work to inspire you?

Keep Creating,

The Kiss, Acrylics on Canvas, by Charla Maarschalk

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