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Best tip to loosen up your artwork by Charla Maarschalk of Bold School

One Step to Loosen Up Your Art Work

colorful portrait red man viking Apr 12, 2022


This piece was a study in speed. Painting fast will cause you to think more intuitively. You will have to trust your gut instincts because you won't be giving yourself time to think. This is a great practice if you are struggling with breaking out of realism and loosening up your work. 

This red man was simply a quick study for me but he quickly became the admiration of many giggly girls walking through my studio. Every. Single. Female. They all ask who he is. What does it mean that he was simply a figment of my imagination?  

Moral of the story? This week go in your studio and time yourself to complete a painting in 60 minutes. Not hard for you? Then make it 20 minutes? And share your work online! Don't forget to note your results. 

Red Man, Acrylics on Canvas, Charla Maarschalk

Author Charla Maarschalk

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