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O Holy Night

artistic experimentation artistic inspiration christmas season embroidery Dec 24, 2021

O Holy Night

The embroidered tree came out of a time of experimenting with an inspiration that didn't make sense to me. 

I felt a deep pull towards working with threads. I couldn't see any good that would come of embroidery except eating up my precious time. Yet it called me. I bought the supplies and embroidered at night. 

Eventually, another idea came: why not embroider right onto my painted canvas? This next idea wouldn't have been possible if I had not taken the initial step to experiment with an ancient art form. Now, not every idea I have turns out to be good, but when they do they seem nothing short of divine. 

The first move towards what could be a major turn in your history can feel like taking a step into the dark. But unless you take that step, you'll only ever wonder what could have been. Your heart may even harden toward new ideas, and you'll decide that it would have been a stupid move to follow the tug on your heart. 

What is pulling you into the unknown this Christmas season? Will you heed the call? 

Merry Christmas

xo Charla


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