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Author: LM Penner

Personality and Art

art work creating art devloping creative skills personality and art touching people with artwork Jan 14, 2022

Author Leigh Penner
Cover Art by Mini Suboth

A while ago, the Bold School staff were asked to take a personality test. To our surprise, three of us learned our personalities were classified basically the same.

Multiple-choice answer questions can certainly be a challenge.  For some of the questions, I had an instant answer. Others were quite difficult to pinpoint. I really had to search my heart when selecting those answers.

Because it was a challenge I was quite surprised when I read the summary they provided of my personality type and recognized myself in what they concluded.

Art by Mini Suboth

To me, life is a lot like the questions on the test. Sometimes, a scenario arises or a person enters your life, and it is as if everything inside of you simply smiles and says, "Yes!" Other times, decisions take a bit of time, a bit of soul searching to settle upon. 

This is one of the beautiful parts of being an artist or even a global citizen: we create according to the personality traits we've been given and have developed. We also create according to the parts of life we reflect upon and carefully choose to consider and weigh.

Some of who we are is intrinsic to our personality. This means, our personality has a direct impact on what appeals to us, what speaks to us and draws us. It has a direct impact on what we value, care about, and are motivated by. Personality has a direct impact on what we create and the impact we might make on the world around us.

On the other hand, some of who we become is more fluid and develops and changes with time.  There are many sayings that reflect this. "You are what you eat." "What goes in comes out." We feed ourselves both physically, mentally, and spiritually. In this way, our art practice can be deliberate and developed as well as intrinsic and guided by our personality. The beauty of all this is that this creates a natural diversity in artistic practice and directs individuals into the work they are uniquely called to create, and allows your art to touch and speak to those who need the message only you can bring.

Creativity awaits!


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