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Acrylic painting of bear by Adam Meikle

Preparing to Sell Your Art

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"A big business starts small." - Richard Branson

Step 1 - Dare to Dream

"Most dreams arrive partially formed, and then they grow."  These wise words are from Adam Meikle.

The first step is allowing yourself to dream in the first place. This is your life -- what do you want it to look like?

Step 2 - Make a Plan

You want the world to see your art, so how do you do that? You can enter local art fairs, approach galleries that have similar work to yours, offer commissions or open your own storefront. It really just depends how big you want your first step to be!

Sometimes it just means starting to tell your friends and family that you make art! As people get to know you as an artist they will want to see the work you're creating. 

 Step 3 - Build Your Platform

The easiest way to show your art in 2021 is to build an online presence. You need a website. This will take a minute to set up, but once it's created it is easy peasy to maintain.

First, you buy a domain name. This is the address for your website, like your street address. Use your own name as that is what people will remember! If your name is Alexa Smithers you would purchase through a domain name service. (Charla uses

The domain name is like your street address, and the land you live on is called your 'web host'. 

Services such a 'Squarespace', which is what Charla uses, is a sort of template website that allows you to design the website yourself. Research your options as they range in design and in price. If you choose, there are professionals who can build your website for you (This is usually more costly). Your website will become the hub for your art business.

 Step 4 - Walk it Out

Go and tell people about it. Prepare yourself. As your work becomes known people will want to own it. Next week we'll talk about how to price your work for sale. 


Artist: Adam Meikle

 "To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." 

- Anatole France

Author: LM Penner 


Creativity awaits!


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